Truck Bicycle Accident Video

Amazing Truck Bicycle Accident Caught On Video

In the outskirts of Moscow, Russia, I bring you the story of what might be the luckiest bicyclist ever.  For bike riders everywhere, this video reinforces the vulnerability of bicyclists on the road and serves as a reminder to ride defensively! A traffic surveillance camera caught the entire truck bicycle accident on video following the same trucks collision with a car. This bicyclist must have been riding around with a lucky cricket in his back pocket, because  bicyclists typically don’t make it out of these types of stories alive.

First you will see a bicyclist crossing an intersection within the bounds of a crosswalk in an east-to-west direction when he takes notice of a tractor trailer entering the intersection in a north-to-south direction. Prudently, the bicyclist stops to let the truck blaze past him. It appears that one or both of the roads at this four-way intersection had a stop sign.

As the truck barrels into the intersection in a north-south direction, a red coupe also barrels into the intersection in an west-to-east direction. Neither vehicle paused to yield or stop as it proceeded through the intersection without hesitation. At a high rate of speed, the truck then t-bones the red car’s back-left side and both vehicles were sent into a tail spin. After the trucks impact with the car, the truck swerves, tilts, and hits the bicyclist. The bicyclist, kneeling on the ground now in the middle of the crosswalk, watches the truck topple over onto its’ side with wheels spinning.  The incredibly lucky bicyclist must be in disbelief that he just survived.  Cars quickly stop at the scene and swing open their doors to jump out and aid the truck driver. And out of the dust of this car and truck collision in a battle of steel, emerges the bicyclist.  He stands up and, not just walks, but jogs to the truck driver’s aid.

See original article of this truck bicycle accident here.



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