TreePhilly:  The City of Arborley Love

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Led by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation with the help of Wells Fargo and the Fairmount Park Conservancy, Tree Philly returns for its third year of free tree giveaways at various public locations throughout the city. TreePhilly connects Philadelphia residents with the resources they need to plant and care for trees.

Tree Planting Programs

Yard Tree Program (City-wide)

Every spring and fall TreePhilly gives away thousands of trees to people to plant in their yards.  These trees must be planted in the ground on your private property, not in the sidewalk area in front of the house.  If you pre-register for the Yard Tree Program you can choose your giveaway event and come speak to experts to help choose your tree, learn how to plant and care for it, then take it home and plant it yourself.  There are also a few spots available in our Free Delivery and Planting Program for People with Limited Mobility.

Yard Tree Program (for Tree Tenders Groups)

TreePhilly is partnering with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Tree Tenders® Program to offer free bare root yard trees for Tree Tenders community plantings!  This is an exclusive opportunity for recognized Tree Tenders groups only (see below to find out how you can start your own Tree Tenders group).  Tree Tenders can use this opportunity to organize yard tree plantings for residential properties, community facilities or faith-based institutions in their community.

Street Tree Planting (Individual Request)

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation will come plant a street tree at your home for free!  Street trees are planted in the sidewalk area in front of the home and must go through an inspection process and be planted by a qualified contractor.  Our City contractors will cut the concrete if necessary, plant a large balled and burlapped tree, mulch and stake it, and water it for the first year.

Street Tree Block Program

You can coordinate street tree plantings for your entire block; just complete the application with a few signatures of interest from neighbors on your block. TreePhilly staff will work with you to get all the necessary inspections and permissions required to plant trees at approved locations on the block.

Tree Care Programs


Our seasonal TreeKeepers take care of public space trees in the spring, summer, and fall.  They do basic structural pruning, pruning to increase visibility and sight lines, tree pit care, and other maintenance for tree health.

Street Tree Maintenance

Philadelphia Parks & Recreation prunes and removes street trees (trees in the sidewalk area in front of the house).  An inspection is required and the work is done by qualified contractors.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Tree Tenders

Organize your community to start a Tree Tenders® group!  The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Tree Tenders program offers hands-on tree care training in the five-county Philadelphia region. The training covers tree biology, identification, planting, proper care and working within your community.

Below is the complete yard tree giveaway schedule.

TreePhilly’s Yard Tree Giveaway
When: April 12 and 13
Where: Various locations
Cost: Free
More info:


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