Pedestrian Injury

 Pedestrian Injury results in death of 12-year old girl

An unthinkable story unfolds as friends and family remember a 12-year-old little girl, who died just hours after her very first date to the movies.

According to, the young girl was a resident of the Pittsburgh area.   She was picked up at the movies by her family after her very first date. The father of the girl was driving the vehicle. The father dropped the date off after the movies at his home. The young girl wanted to take a picture with her date, and so she stepped outside the SUV to do so.

The father of the young girl was getting out of the SUV when it began to move. The mother and brother of the 12-year-old Pittsburgh girl were still inside their family SUV when it hit the girl, and continued to drag her 50 feet.

The police questioned the family about the events that lead of up to the pedestrian injury. The father stated to Police that “he thought the sport-utility vehicle was in park” when it rolled over the girl who had gotten out of the vehicle to take some pictures around 8 p.m. Sunday. Authorities say the SUV dragged the girl about 50 feet-60 feet before striking a tree. The young girl was pronounced dead at the scene.

There are allegations that that the father did put his car in park, and break failure is being investigated.  The car will be examined by Vehicle and Truck Safety to make sure that it was in operating condition. The father of the girl was taken into custody under suspicion of DUI, though he has not yet been charged.

Update:  Father charged with DUI.  See video for full details.


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