Allentown Accident Patients Fatal Injury

Allentown accident patients fatal injury was caused from jumping out of St. Luke’s University hospital window

LehighValleyLive reports that an Allentown accident patients fatal injury was caused from jumping out of St. Luke’s Hospital window.  A 26-year-old man jumped after he broke through a locked bathroom at St. Luke’s Hospital.  The window was three stories in the air.

During the May 28th Allentown Injury Lawyer Accident Report, Allentown Injury Lawyer John Fox reported that 26-year old Jonathan Hanchick was in a motorcycle accident.  He was not wearing a helmet and had a blood-alcohol level greater than 0.16%.  Since he was admitted to the hospital in May, he has tried to escape from the hospital twice.  Both times were unsuccessful.

On Wednesday Hanchick locked himself in a bathroom.  In an attempt to escape the hospital, he broke the lock on the window.  The family thought that perhaps due to brain trauma from last month’s crash, he believed he could have survived the jump.

“He wanted to come home. He tried to find a way home to come home. Maybe he saw the window as a way to do it,” said his father, Jeff Hanchick

The death was ruled an accident despite the fact that the young man broke through a window.

“There was no intent to kill himself,” Grim said by email, calling it “strictly (an) accident.”

The St. Luke’s spokeswoman, Denise Rader, issued a statement today saying: “We can confirm that a patient broke through a locked bathroom window and jumped three floors below. Out of respect for patient and family privacy, we will not be providing additional details at this time. Our hearts go out to the family members.”

Hanchick had been in trouble before.  He was acquitted in June 2010 on charges of vehicular homicide and related offenses in a February 2008 crash that killed his 19-year old friend.  Hanchick testified that he and his friend Schuyler were in an argument with Gage Wrecsics, and began to follow him in their car. Hanchick said Wrecsics slammed on his brakes and caused the crash. Schuyler was ejected from Hanchick’s vehicle and died despite his friend’s attempts at CPR.

Earlier that year Hanchick was found not guilty in a simple assault case where he allegedly punched Jason Kociolek in the face over a $20 loan.  Hanchick also pleaded guilty to terroristic threats after he threatened to blow up his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle and shattered the car’s windows with a golf club. He was sentenced to 12 months of probation and required to complete anger management counseling.


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