Texting and Driving LawyersTexting and driving accident lawyer representing the seriously injured.

Have you or someone you loved suffered the consequences because another person was texting behind the wheel? Even though texting and driving has been widely publicized as a dangerous activity and one that is related to much higher accident and fatal crash rates, far too many people admit to engaging in texting and driving behavior, regardless of the risk to themselves, and to others.

If your accident was not your fault, but you’re the one left paying the price by missing hours at work, attending doctor’s appointments, and adjusting your life around your injuries, the time to take-action is now. A Philadelphia car accident lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve if you have been injured as the result of a texting driver. 

Distracted Driving and Texting While Driving Dangers

Texting behind the wheel is only one form of distraction that takes your focus away driving. Any form of distraction could be dangerous and could expose you to the possibility of being named in a personal injury lawsuit.

When your injuries are severe and have left you suffering the consequences and paying for medical bills due to this preventable accident, you need to equip yourself with the services of an experienced and resourceful Philadelphia texting and driving accident lawyer.

This is one of the most important things you can do to protect your future. Texting while driving is a negligent act and one that occurs far too frequently across Pennsylvania. If you have been hurt in an accident in which you believe texting while driving was a contributory cause to the accident, you need to raise these concerns to your personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

How Do I Know What Caused My Car Accident?

A thorough investigation of the scene of the accident might reveal that this accident could have been prevented and that you suffered unnecessarily. When this occurs, you have grounds to hold the other party accountable in a lawsuit known as a personal injury claim. While there may be some indications at the scene of the accident that texting while driving contributed to the crash, this is not always guaranteed. You need to be prepared to collect your own evidence and work with an attorney who has experience with texting while driving cases to ensure that your rights are thoroughly protected.

You need to seek a texting while driving accident attorney in Pennsylvania who has consistently fought for injured victims and their families. Their primary goal should be to assist you with the recovery of compensation for your medical bills, lost time from work, and pain and suffering that you have endured.

No victim should have to live through to become a statistic in the deadly trend of texting while driving accidents. Texting while driving creates a crash risk that is 23 times higher than driving while not distracted. Looking at your phone to send or read a text message can distract you for an average of 4.6 seconds. This is enough time to lose focus on the road and to miss out on obstacles because driving for 4.6 seconds at 55 miles per hour allows you to cover the ground length of a football field.

The Fatal Toll of Distracted Driving Accidents

According to 2015 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic fatalities linked to a distracted driver increased by as much as 8%. Sadly, far too many of these fatalities also involve inexperienced and young drivers. The Philadelphia texting while driving accident lawyer you need could be just a phone call away and it is important to make sure that you understand your rights and eligibility to bring a case shortly after the issue occurs. Texting while driving is illegal in Pennsylvania, but this does not mean that people stop doing it.

Some drivers think they don’t get distracted that much by glancing down at a text, so the phone stays in their hands and their eyes off the road, causing accidents.

Anyone who has been critically injured in a car accident due to texting and driving could benefit from legal representation from a law firm that understands the challenges you face because of your injuries. As an accident victim, you have plenty of things to think about. You probably also have plenty of appointments causing you to miss time at work.

The last thing you need to worry about is how your legal case is being handled. Scheduling a consultation with a Philadelphia texting while driving accident lawyer could be the first step you need to take to protect your interests and ensure that you have someone to assist you.

The Cost of a Texting While Driving Accident

Common injuries in Pennsylvania texting while driving accidents include fractures, broken bones, lacerations, internal organ damage, brain injuries, whiplash, neck injuries, and more. This might mean that you can’t go back to work or that your recovery schedule includes many aspects like rehabilitation, therapy, surgery, and pain medicine.

If you have suffered multiple injuries at the same time and you are no longer able to work as you worked prior to the accident, this information needs to be shared with your Philadelphia texting while driving accident lawyer immediately.


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