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Fox Law Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers headed by John Fox speaks about his career as a top rated truck accident lawyer in Philadelphia and throughout the United States.  A practicing trial attorney for over 30 years, John Fox spent the majority of his career retained by trucking companies throughout the country to defend their trucking accident cases.  This is a distinct advantage for our clients.

...He took the lead with all the attorneys involved. He got it done. 

A year a half ago I was in a pretty bad multi-vehicle accident. I suffered some injuries and mentally I was unrecognizable. Luckily I came across John Fox, call it a blessing, luck, I’m grateful I found him. From the very start his concern was always my well being… He was well informed in the many areas a car accident effects. It would take pages to lay out the specifics of my case, but I’ll say this, Mr. Fox is a good man with top notch ethics…To me the key factor is this… His first 20 years as a lawyer he represented the insurance companies… It was apparent in my situation that he had a great advantage which means I had a great advantage… Also, as far as my settlement went, he exceeded expectations, not because of my case, but because he was very proactive in the process and took the lead with all the attorneys involved. (Multiple victims) He got it done. If you need legal help and don’t know where to turn, trust me, get this guy, you won’t be disappointed. 


John Fox's Career in Truck Accident Trial Law

Lawsuits involving trucks can be complex because there are usually large companies, multiple parties, and multiple insurance companies involved in truck accident litigation. Issues may involve truck regulations and a reconstruction of the accident may be required. Knowing how to handle the unique issues that arise from multi-vehicle truck accidents involving multiple victims is a unique skill. John Fox is a highly skilled expert in this area of trial law.

Expert Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident Lawyers

John Fox brings with him the expertise of a career in truck accident litigation and trial law involving serious injury and fatalities. He has vast experience in multi-vehicle accident reconstruction and litigation involving many attorneys, often present in multi-vehicle accidents.

John Fox is unique in his defense background and experience as outside counsel for a Philadelphia Fortune 500 Company as well as self-insured trucking companies.  For over 20 years, John Fox was retained to litigate and defend catastrophic multi-vehicle truck accidents.  John Fox has vast knowledge of how multi-vehicle accidents are reconstructed, litigated, and defended.  He has extensive trial experience involving serious and catastrophic injury.  John Fox puts his defense experience and knowledge to work for you.

Put my career in trucking accident litigation to work for you.  I know how to defend truck accidents, which means I know how to win them.” ~John Fox, Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer

Multi-vehicle truck accidents involve a complicated chess match of litigation.

When multi-vehicle accidents occur it can be very complicated. Catastrophic and fatal injuries often result from multi-vehicle accidents, especially if the accident occurs on a highway and tractor-trailers are involved.

Typically multi-vehicle accidents involve multiple injured parties. Numerous lawyers and insurance companies are involved. Each injured party involved is represented by his/her own lawyer, both defense and plaintiff’s. As a result, many lawyers are involved in the litigation and trial arena, some aligning themselves with others.  If the accident involves tractor-trailer trucks, trucking industry defense lawyers, who are highly experienced and skilled trial lawyers, also enter the arena of lawyers.

Determining fault in Multi-Vehicle Accidents can be a daunting task.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents always begin with an investigation to determine who started the chain reaction pile-up and why. After the determination is made with respect to how the pile-up first started, the car accidents and truck accidents are each separately analyzed and considered sub-accidents of the initial cause. Although the car in front is still the main cause of the accident, every individual car and truck involved in the accident is analyzed for its’ own actions and contribution to the pile-up. Multi-vehicle accidents that happen on interstates almost guaranteed that large tractor-trailers will be in the mix of vehicles involved in the accident. Unfortunately, when large tractor trailers are involved, tragic and catastrophic injuries usually follow.

Fox Law Gets Truck Accident Results

$1,800,000 Federal Court Verdict for woman injured by a government vehicle which necessitated brachial plexis surgery. The government’s final offer before commencement of trial was $95,000.

$1,200,000 Trucking Accident Settlement obtained by John Fox in Montgomery County for a female pedestrian hit by truck causing her to fall and hit her head.  She suffered from significant cognitive deficits following the accident.

Philadelphia Truck Accident LawyersFox Law Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers welcome you to contact us for a prompt and free consultation regarding your truck accident case.

No case is too big or too small for an evaluation.  Fox Law welcomes the opportunity to represent you. In your consultation, your case will be discussed and the facts will be reviewed and evaluated. If Fox Law accepts your case, it will be handled on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing. We carry all of the costs and assume all of the risks when we accept your case.

FOX LAW is conveniently located at Two Logan Square in Center City Philadelphia. In addition to Philadelphia County, we serve Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Allentown, and Reading Pennsylvania. For your convenience, John Fox makes house calls, when necessary.


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