Phladelphia Hip Injury Lawyers John and Laura FoxFox Law Philadelphia Hip Injury Lawyers have specialized experienced in handling hip injury cases in Philadelphia. Hip fractures most often occur in slip and fall accidents involving middle age and older adults.  A hip fracture can occur as a result of slipping on ice; tripping down stairs; slipping in a bathtub or shower stall or tripping on an uneven surface.

If you suffered a hip injury in a Philadelphia accident, you need an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney who has significant experience in the specialized handling of hip injury cases. There are many reasons to hire Fox Law Philadelphia hip injury lawyers, and 3 reasons that would be a mistake for you to overlook.

Fox Law Philadelphia hip injury lawyers experience with older hip injury victims.

The older the hip injury victim, the more severe the injury can be.  Hip fractures for elderly people are more serious because it is more difficult for them to recover due to lack of blood flow and the fact that thy are more internally traumatized by the injury and the surgery to repair the hip fracture.  Very often, elderly people never recover from a hip fracture and die within a year or two of the accident. Although hip injuries are associated with the elderly, Fox Law has sucessfully recovered for elderly hip injury victims in their 90's, who were relatively healthy and ambulatory prior to their accident.

Fox Law Philadelphia hip injury lawyers experience with hip injury claims.

Fox Law Philadelphia hip injury lawyers have handled numerous hip fracture injury cases.  Hip injury usually involves an invasive surgery to repair a hip fracture, including the placement of rod and screws in the hip.  The surgery usually causes a large scar to remain in the hip and upper thigh areas.  Recovery from hip surgery obviously depends on the age and physical conditioning of the injured person when the accident occurred.  The recovery from hip fracture surgery can take months, and even after the surgery wounds have healed, residual pain and restrictions can continue for months, years or forever.

Fox Law Philadelphia hip injury lawyers hire the experts you need.

If a hip fracture results in debilitating restrictions, including the ability to ambulate on a permanent basis, Fox Law will retain a life care plan expert to identify the medical and physical needs of the injured person who suffered the hip fracture including pricing out future medical procedures, assisted home care and even the cost of moving to a residence that does not have stairs. Fox law does not hesitate to hire the experts we feel we need to maximize the value of your case.

The value of your hip injury claim depends on the Philadelphia hip injury lawyers you hire.

The value of a hip fracture injury can be significant and Fox Law Philadelphia hip injury lawyers know how to maximize the value of your claim. There are many reasons to hire Fox Law for a hip injury lawsuit; our experience, reputation, and results, to name a few. And although the facts of your case are very important in determining the value of your hip injury claim, don't underestimate the power of the attorney you hire.

The most important questions to ask when choosing a hip injury lawyer in Philadelphia

When choosing the best hip injury lawyer in Philadelphia to handle your case, hire the lawyer, not the law firm. That is who is handling your case. At Fox Law, John and Laura Fox will be the only attorneys handling your case. We make the phone calls and are hands-on with your file. If you are looking for the best Philadelphia hip injury attorney near you, the most important questions you can ask are:

“Can I speak to the lawyer who will be handling my case?" and "Do they have a manageable case load?"

7 Important Questions to Ask To Find A Top Lawyer Near You.


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Philadelphia Hip Injury Lawyer John Fox

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