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Did you know that it is against the law to be discriminated against as a result of your age? Unfortunately, this practice can, and still does occur. If you believe that you have been injured as a result of employment age discrimination, a Philadelphia age discrimination attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

The insurance company is not on your side. Their job is to give you as little compensation as possible. The best negotiating leverage you can have is a top rated Philadelphia Employment Discrimination Attorney on your side, and ready to go to trial for you.

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Having a Philadelphia age discrimination attorney on your side.

It can be a very disheartening situation to realize that you are the subject of age discrimination, especially if you were a dedicated and loyal employee. However, there are legal requirements that must be present in order for you to win an age discrimination lawsuit. A Philadelphia age discrimination attorney can explain the grounds you must have to continue with the case, and the types of evidence that you should collect, if you intend to move forward with an age discrimination claim.

Feeling as though there’s a quiet, but firm pattern of discriminating against employees over the age of 40, could enable you to hold the employer accountable by filing a discrimination claim. However, every instance of what you perceive to be discrimination might not meet the legal grounds required to file suit.

While most employers know that many forms of discrimination are illegal, they assume that employees either don’t know their right or will be afraid to file a Pennsylvania age discrimination claim. If you have evidence on your side and an experienced PA age discrimination lawyer, however, you’re in a good position to show how that employer’s actions are breaking the law and causing workers like you to suffer the consequences for illegal behavior. Whether you’ve been demoted, fired when younger employees were kept, or denied training and promotion options, these claims could become an age discrimination lawsuit.

Defining workplace age discrimination in Philadelphia

While you certainly might know age discrimination when you see it, sitting down with an attorney gives you a better understanding of what is required to meet the burden of proof by the law. It can be a humiliating, demeaning, and frustrating experience to live through age discrimination in the workplace. Looking for a Philadelphia age discrimination attorney who has handled many cases like this before, because you have suffered harassment or discrimination, is important.

Certain older employees who are successfully able to show instances of age discrimination could be entitled to recover damages and compensation once they have met the burden of proof.

Understanding workplace discrimination

Discriminating against applicants or employees based on their age is illegal, and yet this practice is pervasive throughout not only Pennsylvania but all over the country. Employers can and do regularly discriminate against people over the age of 40 when it comes to making promotions, hiring offers and training opportunities.

When companies go forward with reductions in their labor force in the form of layoffs, it is typically managers and older employees who are the first to be let go, even if they have demonstrated ability and experience.

When a layoff leads to a disproportionate percentage of more highly compensated, experienced older employees and managers being let go when compared with younger, less experienced workers, this could lead to a claim of age discrimination. Terminations that disproportionately affect older people and policies that provide more opportunities in the form of education, benefits and training for younger workers, can be discriminatory.

It can be very difficult to determine if your case meets the grounds for an age discrimination suit. Sitting down with an attorney and discussing your options can give you a better understanding of how age discrimination works in the workplace. Many instances of age discrimination might not be obvious.

Common examples of age discrimination in the workplace:

Many employers go out of their way to attempt to shield these illegal behaviors as much as possible. You may suspect that age discrimination is occurring. Discussing the facts of your case with a lawyer may illuminate it in full. Some common examples of workplace discrimination based on age include:

  • An employer blocking an older worker from taking a training course that would supplement his or her further growth.
  • An employee being forced to take an early retirement.
  • A younger employee that has less experience than an older person is promoted.
  • A younger employee with less experience is hired rather than promoting an older employee to a position.
  • Younger employees that have less experience and skills are paid at a higher level than older employees with more skills and experience.
  • A company refuses to hire anyone who looks old to maintain a youthful company image.
  • A supervisor purposefully assigns demeaning or undesirable tasks to older employees to encourage them to quit.

There are many other and different examples of discrimination in the workplace, but all of these can be especially frustrating for a worker who has put in his or her time and has substantial skills, experience and commitment. You deserve to know what your options are if you believe you have been subjected to illegal actions carried out by your employer. Consulting with an attorney familiar with PA age discrimination claims is strongly recommended so that you know what to expect and how to proceed.


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