Wrongful Death

 Wrongful Death:  Man says wife was pronounced dead when she was alive and froze to death in morgue

A California man claims that his wife was alive in the morgue and froze to death.  As a result, he is suing the doctor who declared his wife dead.

Morticians at the hospital revealed that they found the body of Maria Arroyo face down in the morgue.  Guadalupe Arroyo sued the hospital for negligence, believing the cuts and bruises that covered his 80 year old wife was because she was “banged up” by staff at White Memorial Medical Center.  A new medical expert was called in to investigate the negligence, and what he discovered was even more horrifying

A medical expert called to testify in the case suggested that Maria had been “prematurely declared dead” and was actually still alive and fighting to escape when she froze to death in the hospital’s morgue. Guadalupe Arroyo is now suing both the doctor and the hospital for negligence and the wrongful death of his wife.

Alicia Gonzalez, spokesperson for the hospital, maintained that no wrongful death occurred.  She state the hopsital could not comment on any “pending litigation” but that the hospital “continues to disagree with the allegations being made.”  Gonzalez continued that the hospital “followed all proper protocols in this matter and are confident that once the facts of the case are reviewed we will prevail in court.”

ABC News reported earlier this year of a Mississippi man who woke up in a body bag as funeral home workers prepared to embalm him.


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