Personal Injury From Flying Object

Personal Injury From Flying Object

Pedestrian Hit by Flying Buzzsaw  |  Personal Injury From Flying Object

A woman walking through Manhattan was hit by a rogue buzzsaw.  A construction crew was tearing up the road to fix a water main when the blade came loose and hurtled down the pavement. Matt Bisi was walking by the construction site when the blade flew past him.

He told NBC: ‘I was on the right side of the sidewalk, suddenly everyone started yelling “Get down! Move!”‘

An unnamed woman was knocked to the ground as the blade went by. She suffered a gash to the leg and was taken to hospital.  One witness said: ‘It looked like it was from a horror flick.’

Flying Tire Crashes Through Bus Windshield  |  Personal Injury From Flying Object

Four people were injured after a tire flew off a Lexus and hit the windshield of a New York-bound commuter bus on a New Jersey Highway.  The accident occurred on Monday morning.  Fifty people were on the bus when the tire flew off the Lexus.  A 49-year-old man who was sitting directly behind the bus driver had a severe head injury and was in critical condition. Two other passengers and the driver had minor injuries.

“The wheel was traveling really fast — it actually smashed the window, struck the bus driver, ricocheted off the ceiling of the bus and struck four more passengers,” Passenger John Ditmars, seated in the front row next to the badly injured passenger.

Police said the wheel came from the front driver’s side of the 2009 Lexus. The female driver of the Lexus is not expected to be charged. It is fairly common for a driver to not be charged criminally when something like this occurs on the road. That does not mean that a driver will not have civil liability.   Often it’s not the driver that is negligent.  The negligence can arise from failure of the repair shop to properly inspect the tire or other things, the manufacturer of the tire, etc.  It can be the driver when the drive should have known that driving with a defective tire could be a danger on the roadway.

Flying Manhole Cover Kills Driver  |  Personal Injury From Flying Object

A loose manhole cover became airborne and flew through the windshield of a tractor-trailer on a Bronx highway Wednesday — killing the driver and causing him to strike another rig.  José Duran was driving his 2010 rig west on the Cross Bronx Expressway at about 5:25 a.m. when the plate struck him in the head.  Investigators believe it was dislodged by another vehicle passing over it.  Duran’s truck swerved into a tractor-trailer.  The 31-year-old driver of the second rig was not injured.  Duran suffered massive head trauma and was pronounced dead. Robert Sinclair, spokesman for AAA in New York, said it’s the first time he’s ever heard of a manhole cover being dislodged by a car.

“That’s a tragic, tragic accident,” he said. “I’ve heard of cables shorting out and blowing them into the air, but this is the first I can remember of anything like this.”

A claim will likely be made against whoever is responsible for the road (Commonwealth Agency, Municipality, etc.)  or the contractor who installed the plate.  Was the pot hole defectively designed in the roadway?  If so, you could sue the contractor.  Or, did something just break?  If so, did the government know about it and repair it within a reasonable amount of time?  If it is dangerous, then they should repair the pot hole right away.  One of the issues in the case will be notice.  When you sue a state or commonwealth agency like a township there are caps in how much you can receive.  In Pennsylvania you can only get $250,000.00-$500,000.00 if it is a government lawsuit.


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