How to find the best injury lawyer

How to Find the Best Injury Lawyer

8 Important Tips You Should Know


Hire the lawyer, not the law firm.  That is who is handling your case.

Beware of large personal injury law firms, known in the industry as sweat shops. They handle thousands of cases by handing cases down to less experienced associates. The personal injury law firm is not handling your case, the lawyer is.


 Don’t settle for a law firm that only knows how to settle.

Although most cases do settle, it is important that you choose a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer who is prepared to take your case to trial.  Some injury lawyers have no intention of going to trial. Their strategy from the beginning is to settle the case and not try it which weakens their negotiating leverage.


Hire a lawyer who has trial experience.

Personal Injury Lawyers who have trial experience are skilled litigators with a good sense of what a case is worth.  Know who is handling your case.   Although most cases do settle before trial, cases that are prepared for trial result in the best settlement offers. Choosing a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer who will prepare your case for trial strengthens your negotiating leverage.


Beware of Promises of Fast Settlements

I do not believe in expediting settlements of cases, or getting “fast money” for my clients.  Of course everyone would like their case settled sooner rather than later, but their case cannot be settled until it has been properly presented to the insurance company with all of the medical records, all the witness statements recorded, everything the insurance company will need to evaluate the case.  Then insurance company needs time to respond.  If we cannot engage in any meaningful settlement discussions at that point, then it would be very clear that we would need to file suit right away.  I do not give insurance companies much time to evaluate the case once I know they do not need anything else.


 If one lawyer dismisses your case, ask another.

A Personal Injury Law Firm may dismiss a good case because they didn’t ask the right questions.  The Personal Injury Law Firm may have heard a certain set of words or facts that didn’t support a viable claim to them.  A good personal injury lawyer will ask very detailed questions, and may develop information through those questions that will change the attorney’s position on whether they will take the case.  If you have a personal injury law firm who has turned down your case, I would recommend that you get a second or third opinion by speaking to another personal injury law firm.

$425,000 Settlement On A Case Turned Down by 2 Other Law Firms

Two Philadelphia personal injury law firms turned down a case that I took involving a 96 year old woman who fell in a condominium parking lot on a deteriorating concrete surface.  After asking the right questions, I took on the case.  We accepted a $425,000 settlement in Philadelphia County for the 96 year old woman.  As a result of her fall, she fractured her hip and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage requiring hip surgery and lengthy hospitalization and rehabilitation.  The case was especially difficult due to the fact that the defective condition was repaired before anyone could take photographs of the defective condition.


The best defense is a good offense.

A personal injury lawyer with both defense and plaintiff experience knows the personality traits, habits and tactics of defense attorneys. Therefore, having both defense & plaintiff litigation and trial experience is an added bonus in knowing how both sides will play their hand of cards.


Hire a lawyer who has excellent contacts with experts.

You want a personal injury lawyer who has excellent contact with medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, economic experts, and vocational experts.


 Know the experience, reputation and results of your lawyer.

Hire a lawyer who is respected by his or her peers. The best personal injury lawyer can show you a list of cases they have personally settled. And they can show you a list of cases they personally took to trial with a verdict.

If you have been injured call Fox Law for a free consultation and check all of the above.

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis and have a free initial consultation. This gives you the opportunity to interview a lawyer at no cost to you.  The more checks you can mark on the above list, the more likely you will have found a good injury lawyer to handle your claim. Or Call Fox Law today at 215-568-6868 and check all of the above.


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