Horse-race Personal Injury

Horse-race Personal Injury victim in the “race of his life.”

Anthony Coletta, 31, of Hudson City, N.J., suffered permanent brain damage and other serious personal injury after a November harness-racing accident. His horse-race personal injury occurred after he was trampled during a four-horse accident last November at Harrah’s Philadelphia in the city of Chester. The parents of the harness-racing driver have sued the track and its owners, Harrah’s and its parent company Caesars Entertainment Corporation because of the horse-race personal injury Coletta sustained.

Coletta was thrown after a horse in front of him stumbled on the track.  Jockey’s have stated that the track in its previous condition was an accident waiting to happen.  A video of the horse race personal injury accident can be seen by clicking the picture below.

Coletta’s Philadelphia personal injury lawyer stated “The defendants, including track owners Caesars/Harrah’s turned a blind eye when it came to track maintenance and they permitted an unreasonably dangerous condition to exist at the exact location where the chain-reaction accident began.”  Coletta’s Philadelphia personal injury lawyer continued, “Anthony Coletta would now be preparing for the spring racing card — not fighting to regain some semblance of a normal life — had it not been for the track’s utter disregard for safety and human life.”  Anthony Coletta’s parents are seeking over $50,000.00 in damages.

The Pennsylvania Harness Racing Commission suspended Harrah’s Philadelphia Racetrack and Casino last week.  This suspension could affect Harrah’s casino license.  State regulators stated that Harrah’s failed to resolve problems with the surface. Drivers have complained about the track’s condition.   The state’s five racetrack casino operators are required to maintain a “written live racing agreement with a horsemen’s organization.”

“Numerous disturbing accounts have surfaced regarding years of Harrah’s Philadelphia and Caesars turning a blind eye to track maintenance, despite reports to management of an unreasonably dangerous condition at the exact location where the horse Coletta was riding ‘rocknmyjeans’ fell” stated Coletta’s Philadelphia personal injury lawyer.  The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, which regulates the casino industry, has said it would monitor the Harrah’s situation. The track’s 2014 racing season was set to start March 8.

Coletta is currently at Kessler Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey.  His parents state that Anthony Coletta is now in the “race of his life” after the accident.


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