Horrific Medical Malpractice Cases

The 4 Most Horrific Medical Malpractice Cases In Recent History

(In these horrific medical malpractice cases, private procedures go very wrong)

Horrific Medical Malpractice Cases #1:  Man Undergoes Routine Circumcision Procedure, Wakes Up With No Private Part

If this case proves to be true in court, of all the horrific medical malpractice cases, this may be the most terrible.  Johnny Lee Banks Jr. of Birmingham and his wife, Zelda Banks, filed their disturbing complaint on July 22. They are suing the hospital, doctors and others for what they say is medical malpractice.

According to the personal injury lawsuit filed in Alabama, Banks underwent surgery in order to be circumcised at Princeton Baptist Medical Center.   When he came out of surgery, Banks and his wife say that his penis was amputated.

The lawsuit states the man’s penis was gone when he awoke. According to the plaintiff the mistaken amputation has caused the man extreme pain, and that his wife also is suffering.  The lawsuit names several defendants, including two doctors. The man says that when he discovered what had happened, the doctors did not give him an explanation for what they did.

The couple accused the hospital and physicians of medical malpractice and negligence. They are also pursuing damages for medical bills and other expenses, as well as loss of consortium suffered by Banks’ spouse, Zelda Banks.

Some do not believe that this truly happened to the defendant.  In fact, the attorney of the doctors state the penis amputation allegation is “completely false.”

John P. Graves, the defendant’s attorney stated,Medical records have been requested but not produced as of this morning,” Graves stated in an email.  “We are hopeful the medical records will provide some explanation as to how and why this happened.”

Horrific Medical Malpractice Cases  #2: Dr. James C. Burt’s “Love Surgery” Far From Sweet

For 22 years Dr. James C. Burt performed what experts say were primitive experiments on hundreds of women without their consent.  Dr. Burt, once a prominent physician, began a “special surgery” in 1966.

In Dr. Burt’s book ”Surgery of Love,” Dr. Burt wrote: ”Women are structurally inadequate for intercourse. This is a pathological condition amenable to surgery.” He also said that his surgery would turn women into ”horny little mice” and asserted that ”the difference between rape and rapture is salesmanship.”

The operation often included removing the hood of a patient’s clitoris, repositioning the vagina, changing the position of the urethra, and altering the walls between the rectum and vagina. It was intended, the doctor wrote, to redesign the vagina to increase sexual responsiveness.

As you can imagine, the operations were a hack job.  Instead, the surgery caused sexual dysfunction, disfiguring scars, chronic kidney, bladder and vagina infections and the need for corrective surgery in many patients.

In 1988, women subjected to the procedure came forward, eventually initiating several lawsuits.  Dr. Burt voluntarily gave up his medical license in January 1989, in order to avoid a medical board hearing which might have uncovered more evidence against him. He eventually declared bankruptcy due to the victim’s personal injury lawsuits.  The horrific medical malpractice cases filed against Dr. Burt totaled $21 million.

Horrific Medical Malpractice Cases #3:  Man Sues Claiming Surgery Shrunk His Penis

In 2011, an anonymous Canadian man fractured his penis while having sex with his wife. As if that humiliation wasn’t enough, surgery to correct the injury allegedly left him with a penis that was “about an inch” shorter than before.  The paraplegic Canadian man is now taking legal action against a local hospital after the botched surgery.

According to the Daily News, the man is suing Quebec’s Le Gardeur hospital for $142,00 for negligence after he was admitted to the hospital for a penis personal injury.

“This has caused a greater impact on my life than when I lost the use of my legs,” stated the paraplegic plaintiff.

The suit states that after being rushed to the hospital, the suit says a nurse “made a brief visual inspection of his penis without touching it” which led an off-site doctor to misdiagnose it as minor trauma. It was only weeks later that it was discovered that the man had in fact fractured his penis.  After discovering the fracture, he was rushed to a Montreal hospital, and underwent surgery to correct the injury.  According to the man, the operation reportedly left a “permanent scar” on his penis and reduced its length by “about an inch”.

Horrific Medical Malpractice Cases #4: Drain Cleaner Causes Damage “Down There”

The last of the 4 most horrific medical malpractice cases accuses Dr. John Black of internally burning one of his patient’s private part area with drain cleaner.  The plaintiff’s law firm requested that the woman remain anonymous because of the “potentially stigmatizing and embarrassing nature” of the case.

The woman stated that she visited her gynecologist, Dr. John Black, in his Akron, Ohio, office for a routine gynecological exam called a colposcopy.  She was undergoing what was supposed to be a routine colposcopy. During a colposcopy, the gynecologist looks at a woman’s vulva, vagina and cervix.  At one point during the routine procedure, the victim said that Dr. Black allegedly squirted some liquid from a spray bottle marked “vinegar” onto her sex organs and into her vaginal canal.  She states she immediately felt horrible pain and burning.

“It was like an open cut with rubbing alcohol being poured into it.”

As it turns out, the solution wasn’t diluted vinegar.  According to the lawsuit, the solution contained the chemical potassium hydroxide, the same chemical that’s used in drain cleaner to unclog drains and pipes.

The 39-year-old patient alleges she continues to experience pain and will require further surgical procedures, including a hysterectomy, as a result of the incident.  The couple, who have two sons, say they were planning to have more children.


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