Firefighter Injury

Firefighter injury was a result of reckless teenager

A firefighter injury occurred when a glass bottle was hurled at a fire trucked and smashed a window.  The glass bottle injured a fire fighter inside, who was on her way to an emergency.  The shattered window caused glass to cut the 22 year old’s face.

In a recent interview to NBC10 Philadelphia, she described the event.  She stated that she was sitting in the back of the dispatched fire engine when the glass shattered.  The young woman was completely caught off guard. All known on Friday was that a glass soda bottle hit the truck, smashing a back window and sending glass flying into her face and eyes. A group of teenagers were seen fleeing the scene.  No suspects were listed.

The 22 year old woman was rushed to Hackensack University Medical Center as a result of her firefighter injury. Doctors informed the young volunteer that she had two corneal abrasions.  She now has blurry vision and needs to wear sunglasses.  The brave young woman is lucky she did not go blind from this senseless act.  She is expected to make a full recovery. Despite her injury, she is eager to get back to her job, but is still upset that someone would target a fire truck.  “I’m a little in shock that somebody would go out of their way to hurt a group of people that are risking their lives to help you for no money at all,” she said.

Today, NBC10 released an article stating police arrested a 16-year old teenager on Tuesday March 28th in connection to firefighter injury incident.  The name of the boy was not released because he is a minor, but he is charged with aggravated assault violations.  The boy has been released to the custody of his guardian.  Police state that he will appear in front of a family court judge at Bergen County Courthouse in New Jersey.


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