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Environmental Law and Personal Injury Attorney John Fox discusses Malvern, Pennsylvania Oil Spill Damage and Clean-up

The Oil Spill that occurred last summer in Malvern is an example of a local environmental release.  On June 23, 2013, a faulty gasket caused a Malvern Pennsylvania Oil Spill.  The Malvern Pennsylvania Oil Spill dumped more than 10,000 gallons of oil into the ground and storm drains.  The water running into the storm drain was visibly coated in a black, shiny oil.  Fuel spills are fast-moving.  Police said that most of the fuel leaked just within an hour.  The Malvern Pennsylvania Oil Spill caused several businesses to be evacuated.  It was unknown whether the storm drain ran into nearby streams.  The company responsible for the oil release is working with a contractor, Lewis Environmental, to clean up the spill.  According to Environmental Law and Personal Injury Lawyer John Fox, they vacuumed out areas affected after the spill.  It was expected that the Department of Environments Protection (DEP) will require testing.  The testing would be used to determine if the oil reached the underground groundwater.

Oil spills like the Malvern Pennsylvania Oil Spill can cause significant damage, especially property damage.  You may have a claim for remediation costs.  Cleanup can be an example of a remediation cost.   You can also contact an Environmental Law and Personal Injury Lawyer for remediation cost for the loss of value in your property, loss of business, inconvenience, and well-water contamination.   You also may have a personal injury claim if you become sick from oil of gas fumes, or become ill due to drinking contaminated water.


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