Donut Shop Car Accident

Donut Shop Car Accident leaves one injured

Talk about a startling wake-up call! One individual went to Torresdale Frankford Hospital this morning after an out of control car crashed into a Dunkin’ Donuts.

An elderly man was driving the vehicle.  He stated that he thought the car was in reverse.  The car was actually in drive, which caused it to slam into the Dunkin’ Donuts.  The Dunkin’ Donuts was located at Shelly Plata along Frankford Avenue in the Torresdale area of Philadelphia.  The donut shop car accident occurred at approximately 8:30 am this Tuesday morning. Thankfully, only one person was found injured as a result of the vehicle breaking through the front glass of the restaurant.  The victim was quickly taken to Torresdale Hospital, and he is in stable condition and will recover from the donut shop car accident.  The donut shop car accident occurred during a popular hour for morning coffee drinkers, so authorities and regulars are thankful the accident did not cause more injuries. The elderly man was driving a Ford sedan, which not only broke through the glass but part of the brick.  The vehicle was finally stopped by two orange retaining poles.  One of the window panes even wound up wrapped around the front of the car. A male witness who was lucky enough to be parked outside the Dunkin’ Donuts when the accident occurred stated that “a car just pulled up next to me and just kept going right through the window.”   He continued “It went through the window and just kept trying to go.” The driver, who is in his 80s, appeared confused to the eye witness. The officers stated that the elderly driver did stay at the sight of the accident after the crash.  They did not state if any charges would be filed.  They were also unsure how long it would take to clean up the scene. The Dunkin’ Donuts will remain closed until inspectors and officials state that it is structurally safe to reopen.


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