Dog Bite

Philadelphia infant suffers dog bite injury when attacked by dog in home

A severe dog bite injury was sustained by a 10 month old infant girl inside her family’s home. The attack occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 16.  The injury occurred when the dog suddenly lunged at the child and locked her in its jaws, as she played with it on the living room floor.  The infant’s mother was present at the time of the attack.  The dog was not owned by the parent’s of the infant and may have been a bull dog or pit bull.  The infant victim was hospitalized with deep lacerations near her left ear, head and neck.

Since the dog was a pit bull or a bull dog, the owner should have known that the breed of dog had the propensity to be aggressive. Furthermore, the owner of the dog should have also exercised additional caution in the presence of a defenseless infant.

If the owner of the dog owns a house and possesses homeowner’s insurance, the homeowner’s insurance policy will cover a negligence claim arising from an injury even if the injury did not occur in the owner’s home.  For example, the owner of an unleashed dog in a city park who owns a home with homeowner’s insurance should be covered by their homeowner’s policy for an injury claim resulting from their dog.

Although dogs can be lovable family pets, their animal instincts should never be underestimated.  It is the ultimate responsibility of the dog owner to ensure that their pet does not cause a dog bite injury or other personal injury due to the aggressiveness of their dog.


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