Cider Personal Injury

Cider personal injury lawsuit filed against popular New Jersey donut shop

A female from New Jersey will not be dunking a donut into her coffee anytime soon.  She has, in fact, filed suit against Dunkin’ Donuts stating that her thighs now have disfiguring scars as a result of the chain’s hot apple cider, which scorched her legs. The cider personal injury occurred on September 24th, 2012.  The suit against Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. and the owner of the Belleville, N.J. franchise was filed on February 11th, 2014,  nearly a year and a half after the accident occurred. Although she did order a “hot” apple cider, the lawsuit claims that the cider personal injury occurred because the cider “had been heated beyond industry standards to the point where patrons could not safely consume it.  ” Because of the extremely hot temperature, the New Jersey female suffered burns that required medical attention, which ultimately resulted in disfiguring scars.  For a year the New Jersey woman was treated at the Burn Center of Saint Barnabas Medical Center.  “She had third-degree burns to her upper thighs and has hypertrophic scars that can no longer be repaired.  They cannot be eliminated through surgery and will be with her, through the age of 24, for the rest of her life. She cannot wear a bikini or any other revealing undergarment that will not allow them to be seen.  Donkin’ Donuts failed to have adequate warnings or instructions on the lid and container in which it was served and was sold in a dangerous fashion” with the lid not properly secured to the cup. The cider personal injury described above reminds many of a similar case, filed approximately twenty- five years ago against McDonalds.  The McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit was filed in the spring of 1992, when a woman suffered third-degree burns to her upper thigh after her hot coffee spilled.  Many still think the lawsuit was “a joke” but the plaintiff was awarded nearly 2.9 million in damages.   If you click on this link you can see more details about the suit.  The personal injury attorney of the young woman states that this case is far from frivolous.  “The lawsuit is not really about the fact that hot drinks are hot and that they are in containers like Styrofoam cups with lids.  What the lawsuit is about is the fact that the temperature of the liquid was sufficiently hot to give her third-degree burns. Try to imagine drinking that, let alone spilling it in your crotch.”


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