Celebrity Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal Injury Lawsuit  | 6 Infamous Celebrity Personal Injury Lawsuits

Celebrity Personal Injury Lawsuit 1  |  Dr Phil

Famous television self-help guru Dr. Phil was involved in a personal injury case in 2009 after his unrestrained dog bit a family friend on his property. Janet Harris alleges she got an infectious disease after Dr. Phil’s dog allegedly bit her. Harris is a skin-care specialist who has been a frequent guest on his show and, according to her lawsuit, was close friends with Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw.  Harris is claiming that after Dr. Phil’s Korean Jindo, Maggie, bit her, instead of taking Harris to a hospital, to avoid publicity, he procured antibiotics via a friend who was a nurse. Harris is alleging that the improper treatment led to her infection and caused tremors in her right hand, and permanent hearing loss. Dr. Phil’s attorneys are asking the lawsuit be dismissed because Harris had signed an arbitration agreement and she has no case.

Celebrity Personal Injury Lawsuit 2  |  Britney Spears

A backup dancer who worked with Britney Spears is allegedly suing the pop singer for battery and negligence after a broken nose.  The backup dancer alleges that the pop princess injured her nose during rehearsal for a music video shoot last August and failed to pay her doctor bills as promised.  The suit alleges that Spears showed up “in a disheveled and confused state” and struggled to nail even simple dance moves, the battery and negligence suit alleges.  Instead — when she twirled, “unbalanced,” with hands and arms extended — Spears allegedly nailed Noel in the face. A cracking sound was heard around the room, the suit claims, but all the singer did before getting right back to rehearsal was say, “I’m sorry.”  “She’s been very patient and I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just do the right thing” said the Philadelphia dancer’s attorney.  The suit is still pending.

Celebrity Personal Injury Lawsuit 3  |    Brett Michaels

Bret Michaels filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the network and the Tony Awards, stemming from his on-stage injury during a Rock of Ages-inspired performance at the 2009 Tony Awards. In the suit, Michaels claims he asked producers whether there were any instructions as to where he should stand on the stage during his performance, but was only told to “simply exit the stage from the rear.” After singing “Nothin’ But a Good Time” — one of the songs used in Broadway’s Rock of Ages — the Poison rocker was hit by a piece of stage scenery. In the suit, Michaels, who is seeking unspecified damages, also claims the producers faulted him for the mix-up, telling press that he had “missed his mark.” The suit also connects the Tony’s injury with Michaels’ subarachnoid hemorrhage, which proved to be nearly fatal for the musician.  The lawsuit did reach a settlement.

Celebrity Personal Injury Lawsuit 4  |    “Girl Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis

“Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis took on hotel magnate Steve Wynn in court.  The short version of the story is this: Francis ran up a $2 million gambling debt at Wynn’s casino, then publicly claimed that Wynn cheats his customers and threatened to kill him when he didn’t pay it back. Wynn sued, and won a 40 million dollar lawsuit for defamation. It was lowered on appeal, but Francis is still fighting the rest in court.

Celebrity Personal Injury Lawsuit 5  |  John Edwards

In one of Edwards’ most famous cases, he won millions of dollars for the family of a nine-year-old girl whose internal organs had been sucked out of her by an un-shielded swimming pool drain.  Sta-Rite protested that an additional warning would have made no difference because the pool owners already knew the importance of keeping the cover secured.  The jury awarded the family $25 million, the largest personal injury product liability award in North Carolina history. The company settled for the $25 million while the jury was deliberating additional punitive damages, rather than risk losing an appeal.

Celebrity Personal Injury Lawsuit 6  |  The Hulk’s Son

Hulk Hogan is being sued by the man who was critically injured in a car crash involving the wrestler’s son.  The lawsuit says he and his estranged wife, Linda, are liable as the parents of 17-year-old Nick Bollea.  John Graziano was a passenger in Nick Bollea’s car when Nick Bollea lost control of his Toyota Supra near downtown Clearwater, crashing into a palm tree.  Graziano, an Iraq War veteran, was hospitalized for two years at the James A. Haley VA Medical Center in Tampa. He was discharged in September and remains in a minimally conscious state.  Nick Bollea pleaded no contest to reckless driving and spent more than five months in jail.  Hulk Hogan eventually settled the lawsuit with the family of John Graziano.


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