Casino Personal Injury

Casino personal injury caused by guards leads four severely injured victims to file claims against Atlantic City Casinos.

Don’t let the beautiful image of the Casino above fool you.  This picture looks like a great place to spend a fun night out, a mini vacation, where you can forget about your troubles.  Unfortunately, a young man had a far different experience during an evening he spent at Harrah’s Atlantic City Casino. According to, two Harrah’s Casino guards brutally and ruthlessly attacked the young man, causing the young man to suffer severe and possibly irreversible personal injury.  This brings the total to four individuals who have suffered a personal injury at casinos due to security.  Witnesses who saw the ordeal testified that the victim, a 21 year old Bergen County resident, did nothing to provoke the personal injury inflicted upon him.  He did not instigate the situation, and there was no reason the guards should have physically touched him in any way.  The computer engineering student filed a personal injury law suit in Bergen County court last week against Harrah’s Atlantic City and Caesars Entertainment Corp., Harrah’s parent company.

This brings the total number of victims to four, who allege that they have been violently attacked by Casino security guards, suffering personal injury at the hands of the guards for no apparent reason.   Understandably, the latest personal injury victim says that he feared for his life.  Selfless, he was not just worried about his injuries, but about what the guards might do to someone else if he filed the personal injury suit.  Eventually he realized that he needed to file the personal injury law suit to stop these attacks from happening.

“I’m filing because it’s my way of helping other innocent people before it’s too late.”

Witnesses include his mother and two Atlantic County cab drivers state the victim, described as a “shy computer geek” was attacked by “poorly trained guards” while on Harrah’s property. The attacks were captured on Harrah’s surveillance cameras.  It should not be a surprise that a spokesman for the casino declined to comment regarding the casino personal injury case and the behavior of the guards.

The personal injury that this young man suffered at the hands of these callous security guards is unforgivable. Below is an image of the face of the victim after he was beaten.  Be wary, it is graphic. When you see this image, it is obvious that the improper training of Harrah’s security guards have nothing to do with the way that these men handled the situation.

This pattern of abuse is an atrocity, and the Casino’s are responsible for hiring such unprofessional and sadistic employees to fill these positions.  I have been to concerts at Susquehanna Bank Arena, tailgated at Philadelphia sports games, and attended Atlantic City Casino’s several times.  There is a need for security, and that is to keep order and make sure those attending are safe. addresses the same concern that I had while reading the article. Why are these Casino’s hiring such violent guards?  It is not a prison.  Casino’s are a place for paying Americans to have a well-deserved evening of fun.

“Hard working Americans save their money for vacations and special outings, and this man chose to give Harrah’s casino his business.  You would think Atlantic City casinos would bend over backwards for their guests, as the financial problems of Atlantic City has been no secret. An outsider would think that Atlantic City Casino’s are intentionally trying to go out of business, with the continuation of these brutal, unacceptable and preventable attacks.”

I could not agree more.  The vivid description of what happened to the young man makes the behavior of the guards even more horrific, if you can believe that is possible.  The first personal injury occurred when the guard smacked the young man in the head.  He did this while the student had his hands raised in the air, clearly surrendering to what they were asking him to do.  The next personal injury occurred when the young man stepped back.  He was tackled and fell hard to the casino floor, causing severe personal injury to his body.  As if he had not suffered enough, other guards came running to the scene and piled on top of him, “kicking, kneeling … and pummeling him in an egregious gang-like attack.”

Even more disturbing, few patrons bothered to look away from their table games at the personal injury this young man was being subjected to while being attacked by these guards.  This behavior by guards seems usual for patrons who frequent the casino and the did nothing to stop the situation and continued “business as usual.”  Apparently, it is more likely that guests walk out with a casino personal injury, than any winnings. The guards finally handcuffed the 21 year old and “escorted” him to a holding cell.

The personal injury list that the defendants, Harrah’s and Caesar’s, are charged with include assault, battery, negligence, false imprisonment, false arrest, and failure to provide a safe environment.   The case seeks unspecified punitive damages.

And even before the February 24th casino personal injury case described above,  in August a 17-year-old woman and her family suffered a casino personal injury.  This young lady was visiting Harrah’s on Aug. 9, 2012 with her family when her father went to complain that their room keys would not open the door to their suite. Surveillance cameras were rolling when security jumped her father and later when guards pursued the daughter and the mother down a corridor and attacked the two women.  Each member of the family suffered severe casino personal injury.

Late last month, two cab drivers filed similar casino personal injury suits. states a soft-spoken taxi driver who also founded the Haitian Community Baptist Church in Egg Harbor  was waiting for a fare on Jan. 10, 2011 when Harrah’s guards attacked him under the casino’s porte cochere.  Casino surveillance cameras captured the entire incident.  As the cab driver lay on the driveway being beaten by guards, another cab driver pulled up and asked why his friend was being hurt.  The second cab driver made the mistake of getting out of his cab. More guards arrived and wrestled the second cab driver to the ground, pummeling him in a similar manner.  He also suffered a severe casino personal injury.

Fox Law, PC. Is proud of the bravery of this young man to testify against the intimidating Casino industry.  We send our condolences to those that suffered casino personal injuries at the hands of ruthless security guards.  Nothing will make up for what happened to the victims of Atlantic City security brutality.  Atlantic City Casino’s need thoroughly re-evaluate the hiring of their security guards, and the ethics of their entire company, if they wish to make any attempt to make up for these atrocities.


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