Car Crashes into Home

Car Crashes into Home in Lower Southampton, PA

A SUV crashed into a home on Wednesday shortly after 7:00 pm in Bucks County Pennsylvania’s Lower Southampton Township  .  At least three people were injured.

CBS 3 interviewed neighbors of the 300 block of Fox Hollow Drive in the Sweetwater Farms Development.  Rita Murtha and her son Jeff were home watching TV when the mother and son heard a loud bang and felt their house shake.  The SUV crashed into the front wall of their house and the garage.  The force of the crash was so significant that the vehicle nearly came out on the other side of the house.  Murtha stated to CBS 3 “It was so loud, you know, and then my son said let’s just hurry up, get out of the house.”

Witnesses told CBS 3 that a mother and her two daughters in the vehicle were taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center.  Neighbors say the mom was driving an SUV when she lost control, and cut across a front lawn.  The vehicle then launched into a neighbor’s home.  Thankfully, the two young teens in the vehicle were able to get out of the SUV with the help of neighbors.   Firefighters on the scene reported to CBS 3 that the woman was trapped.  “My first rescue on scene deployed the Jaws of Life into the garage, had to pop the door open to extricate the one victim that was in the car,” stated Lower Southampton Fire Chief.  The husband of Rita Murtha stated that it appeared the mother may have had a medical issue, like a seizure.  Mr. Murtha stated that the driver was “in and out of consciousness and her eyes were rolling around.” CBS is now told the two girls appear to be fine, and the woman is listed is in good condition.

The Department of License and Inspections reported to the house on Thursday morning to determine if the house was structurally sound.  “In a moment, you know, your life could change. Look at that. Who would ever think that you’d see that much destruction in the middle of a quiet neighborhood,” stated neighbor Georg Benonis stated to CBS.



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