Car Accident Guide

10 Tip Car Accident Guide

Car Accident Guide Tip 1:

The most important thing to do following a car accident is to find a safe place away from traffic to wait for help.  Then call the police.  If it is not possible to wait at the scene, speak to the police as soon as possible following the accident.  Whether you are a passenger or driver, keep your statements to a minimum at a car accident scene.

Car Accident Guide Tip 2:

Exchange information with the other driver and any passengers in the vehicle, including name, phone number, address, license tag number and state the plate is registered.  Also get the name and phone number of witnesses to the accident.

Car Accident Guide Tip 3:

Take pictures or property damage at the scene of the accident.

Car Accident Guide Tip 4:

Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as you can after the accident.

Car Accident Guide Tip 5:

You are not required to give an insurance adjuster a statement following an accident and we do not recommend you give the insurance company a statement prior to talking to your Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer.  The statement benefits the insurance company, not you.  Insurance companies employ experienced adjusters and defense lawyers.  Their responsibility is to protect the financial interest of the insurance company.  Insurance companies are a for-profit business, and the less money they pay out on claims, the greater their profit margins.

Car Accident Guide Tip 6:

You are not required to release your medical records to the insurance company.  We recommend you speak to a Philadelphia car accident lawyer before signing any medical releases.  Seek medical treatment as soon as you realize you are injured.  Sometimes injuries do not surface for a few days following an accident.  You may be injured but think the injury will go away in a few days, but it doesn’t.

Car Accident Guide Tip 7:

Know all of your damages and medical injuries before you settle your case.  Keep records of all medical bills, expenses, and lost wages.

Car Accident Guide Tip 8:

Inform your doctor and lawyer about any prior medical injuries.  Being deceitful about prior injuries will damage your credibility and damage your case.  The courts have the right to inquire about certain aspects of your past medical history and it is important you are honest.  If you are not honest, they will find out about it.  Defense attorneys are trained to find out about your past history and have a legal right to do so.

Car Accident Guide Tip 8:

Follow through on your doctor’s orders regarding your medical treatment until he/she releases you from treatment.

Car Accident Guide Tip 9:

Be honest about your activity level and injury.  Insurance companies routinely hire private investigators to conduct video tape surveillance.  Exaggerating about your activity level or injury will damage your credibility and your case.

Car Accident Guide Tip 10:

Do your homework and call an experienced personal injury lawyer.  The insurance company has their best interest in mind, not necessarily your best interest, therefore it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer following an accident.  A personal injury lawyer will help you with the payment of medical bills, property damage, your insurance company and the insurance companies of the other vehicles involved.


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