Unique Idea to Avoid Coronavirus while Shopping

John Fox

My wife came to me the other day and said, “I have an idea.” I’ve heard those words before… she’s a thinker. And usually it ends up costing me money. As I braced for how much this idea would cost, I listened to what she had to say. After all, I had nowhere to run. We are all housebound these days. This idea, however, I thought was worth sharing. It has to do with a way to avoid spreading the coronavirus with our hands, when we must venture out to go shopping. Instead of our hands being a vehicle for contamination, she thought, “What if our hands disinfected everything they touched?” It was certainly an interesting twist on all the warnings we’ve been hearing about spreading the virus through our hands.

“What if our hands disinfected everything they touched?”

How she did it

She wore plastic gloves, and on top of them cotton gloves moistened with Lysol.

“We won’t pick up or spread germs. And we will certainly remember not to touch our face.”

Supplies needed:
Plastic gloves
White cotton gloves
Lysol (or another coronavirus killing chemical)
Sandwich sized Tupperware container
Wash cloth

• She folded a washcloth and laid it in a sandwich sized plastic Tupperware container. She then moistened the washcloth with Lysol and sealed the container.
• When she was ready to shop, she put on the pair of plastic gloves first, followed by the white cotton gloves. She then pressed her fingertips on the moistened washcloth to moisten them with Lysol.
• She remoistened her fingertips while shopping as necessary.

Putting her idea to the test

She went shopping and put her idea to the test. As she exited the car, her hands were layered in cotton gloves moistened in Lysol over plastic gloves. Taking hold of the handle of the shopping cart without fear or concern, she said that it was easy to navigate around the store with the gloves. She picked up items with her Lysol moistened gloves with ease, and without fear of contamination. If she touched anything contaminated, she believes that the Lysol should have killed it, and re-moistened the tips of her gloves as necessary while shopping. When she got back to the car, she stored the gloves in a plastic bag and sealed the Tupperware container to be used again. I think her home-made idea might be one way to help us all stay a little safer. Next time, it’s my turn to do the shopping. My gloves are waiting for me. And I’ll be moistening them in Lysol. I don’t see how it can hurt.


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