Pedestrian Accident on Green Lane in Bristol Township, PA Under Investigation : Security cameras may reveal what happened.

pedestrian accident on Green Lane

A pedestrian accident on Green Lane in Bristol Township, PA critically injured a 29 year old male pedestrian around 5 am on June 7, 2019 in the 300 block, near Harry S. Truman High School. The female driver, who stopped and waited for police to arrive, said that the 29-year-old male stepped out on to the road in front of her vehicle.  The pedestrian’s account of the accident is not available. When an accident like this occurs, a thorough investigation is critical, especially when an injured victim cannot give his side of the story.

In cases like this, Fox Law Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers use accident reconstruction experts, cell phone records, cameras, eye-witness accounts, and auto electronic control modules to determine if a  pedestrian has a personal injury claim against a driver. A thorough investigation can also clear a driver of any misconduct.

Immediate action must be taken to conduct the best possible investigation of the accident.  The police report is typically the first place to start with respect to obtaining information about how the accident occurred and the identity of any witnesses.  Interviewing witnesses is critical to any investigation and the quicker a witness can be interviewed, the better. Depending on the location of the accident and whether it occurred in a residential neighborhood, it is often prudent to canvas the accident area and contact residents in the area to see if they know anything about the accident or know someone who witnessed the accident.

Important information to be gathered is how far off the curb line of the street did the accident occur; was the pedestrian hit just as he stepped off the curb or further into the intersection? This will give some clue as to how much time the driver had to react. Did the accident occur within a crosswalk or did the accident happen in the middle of the block? If it was a crosswalk, was the intersection controlled by traffic lights and/or stop signs?  Was the striking vehicle turning left onto the street in which the pedestrian was walking or was it moving forward on the same street? Were there skid marks? Where did they start? There are many tools available to reconstruct an accident today.

Obtaining video evidence is your best evidence because it clearly shows what happened regardless of witness accounts. In today’s world of hi-tech security cameras, almost all businesses and many residents now have installed video cameras that capture front parking lots and front yards that abut streets.  Unfortunately, surveillance video needs to be tagged and preserved very quickly before it tapes over itself.  When canvassing the neighborhood to speak to witnesses, investigators should also inquire as to whether there are any cameras that may have captured the accident either from a residential property or a commercial property.

If the speed of the vehicle is an issue (traveling at excess of the speed limit) and the vehicle is no longer drivable, a letter of preservation should be sent to the owner. A letter of preservation will request that the vehicle be preserved so that an accident reconstructionist can download the electronic control module of the vehicle which will show how fast the vehicle was traveling.  Not all GPS data can be downloaded but most newer models can be.

In summary, an immediate investigation of the pedestrian accident on Green Lane is paramount to determine what occurred and to preserve evidence including video surveillance.  This evidence could make or break a pedestrian’s claim against the operator of a motor vehicle who impacts the pedestrian. The accident is currently under investigation with Bristol Township police. Anyone with information about the crash is asked to contact Officer Margerum at 267-812-2991 or via email at

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