Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

We All Hope to Avoid a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit.  These are the 5 Most Bizarre Medical Malpractice Lawsuits In Recent History.

1)  This Medical Malpractice Lawsuit left the victim saying “Oh Man!”

It took 30 years for Christiane Volling to file a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit after her female sex organs were removed.  She was only eighteen years old when the procedure took place.  She is now suing the surgeon who performed the procedure.  Christiane Volling who is now a 48 year old a nurse in Dusseldorf argues that she never wanted the operation and was forced to lead a “false life” as a man. 

Volling is seeking $147,000 in damages for pain and suffering from the Cologne doctor who removed her functioning reproductive organs in 1977, allegedly without informing her of alternatives and possible consequences.  Volling was registered as a boy at birth and named Thomas after a midwife allegedly mistook her enlarged clitoris for a penis

“I felt like a monster, and was always an outsider.”- Christiane Colling

Volling is petitioning for an official name change to Christiane and for a change in her “personal status.”  Gender-rights activists are looking at her lawsuit in hopes it will set a precedent for other transgender cases.

2)  A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit is No Laughing Matter

Comedian Dana Carvey’s heart condition was anything but funny. Several years ago, the former Saturday Night Live star had recurring chest pain from angina, or restricted blood flow to the heart. He underwent three angioplasties to unblock a coronary artery and keep it open. But each operation failed.

Desperate for relief, he underwent a double bypass operation in 1998.

“I kind of thought of it as an advanced plumbing problem They bypass a bad section of rotted out pipe and reconnect using just the good sections.”

But the chest pains continued without improvement.

So Carvey went in for another angiogram to find the source of recurring angina. And that’s when the problem was discovered. Carvey’s surgeon, who had reportedly performed thousands of the operations, had bypassed the wrong artery.

“It’s like removing the wrong kidney. It’s that big a mistake.”  Dana Carvey

The $7.5 million medical malpractice lawsuit comedian Dana Carvey filed against heart surgeon Dr. Elias Hanna for operating on a wrong artery was settled.

3)  Woman Bravely Fights Cancer, Only To Learn She Never Had It

Kim Tutt was told that she had cancer in her jaw.  She was a 34-year-old healthy person, so everyone was shocked when she was given six months to live.

The doctors thought they might be able to give her three more months if they removed the left side of her chin, all the way to behind her right ear, replacing with the Fibula from my leg.  It was a huge, radical, and risky surgery.  With ten year old and twelve your old children, she would have done anything to survive.  She went through the surgery

She was given three to six months to live.  The doctors thought they might be able to give her three additional months if they removed the left side of her chin all the way to behind her right ear and replace it with the fibula from her leg.  She decided that a few extra months with her sons made the surgery worth while.  The surgery was completed in July.  The surgeon called her back in October.

“We need to see you.  It’s a good-news-bad-news situation.  We think your original biopsy was cross-contaminated at the lab.  You probably never had cancer.”

Despite being cancer free, Tutt was understandably overwhelmed.  She said it was exteremly difficult to tell people that she did not have cancer, with the severe disfigurement on her face.  Since the first surgery she has undergone five reconstruction surgeries.  She is still missing nine teeth, and chewing is not easy.

“Money will not change what my family has been through.  People who have cancer are cured.  But I’m not a walking miracle.  I’m a surviver of medical malpractice.”  Kim Tutt

4)  Parents did not want their son to go through the “Difficulty of Life”

Parents Ana Mejia and Rodolfo Santana sued Dr. Marie Morel and OB/GYN and Perinatal Specialists of the Palm Beaches, complaining that the doctor and sonogram technician had failed to diagnose their son, Bryan Santana, for critical malformations during the ultrasound. Although both personnel gave the fetus a clean bill of health, Bryan was born three years ago with only one leg and no arms. The plaintiffs lament that had they been given better information, they might have made a more informed decision about whether to allow their child to go through the difficulty of life.  The award will go to Bryan’s medical bills for prosthetic arms and leg, a wheel chair, and medical and therapeutic care.

5)  Apparently Two Heads Are Not Always Better Than One

A Wisconsin psychiatrist convinced a patient that she had 120 separate personalities including those of a duck and the devil and then charged her for group therapy.  Olson charged Blue Cross $300,000 for group therapy, saying he was counseling different people buried inside Cool’s psyche, including the duck, Satan and angels who chatted with God.

Olson admitted he performed an exorcism on Cool at Appleton’s St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in 1986 after Catholic priests refused to carry out the rite. Cool said Olson convinced her she had once sacrificed babies as part of a satanic cult. He told her she had become ‘Satan’s bride’ by being ritually raped by 60 or 70 men and animals. He told her that to get well, she had to describe the attacks in detail to him

The case made headlines when the Lozanos made public hundreds of pages of documents in which Bean-Bayog described what appeared to be an intensely sexual relationship with Paul Lozano.  Olson, still practicing psychiatry in Bozeman, Mont., maintains that no malpractice occurred because it was Cool who suggested she was possessed by the devil, according to court documents.

A 2.4 Million Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Settlement was finally reached over Multi-personality disorder.


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