Medical Malpractice

VA Hospital Endoscope Contamination in Buffalo NY Victims Should Be Cautious Filing Form 95

I was just contacted by a veteran with respect to the VA Hospital endoscope contamination incident that occurred at the VA hospital in Buffalo, NY. The incident involved the failure to properly disinfect reusable equipment known as endoscopes, used by doctors to explore a patients body during colonoscopies. The contaminated equipment has put 526 VA hospital …

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Horrific Medical Malpractice Cases

The 4 Most Horrific Medical Malpractice Cases In Recent History (In these horrific medical malpractice cases, private procedures go very wrong) Horrific Medical Malpractice Cases #1:  Man Undergoes Routine Circumcision Procedure, Wakes Up With No Private Part   If this case proves to be true in court, of all the horrific medical malpractice cases, this may be the most terrible. …

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Plastic Surgery Personal Injury Lawsuit

Woman Sues Doctor in Unusual Plastic Surgery Personal Injury Lawsuit for Posting Images of ‘Cocaine Nose’ Plaintiff in unusual plastic surgery personal injury lawsuit says she reasonably expected privacy when she went to get her nose fixed. Instead, it was allegedly put online. Most of the time in a plastic surgery personal injury lawsuit, patients will …

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Medical Malpractice Court

Garfield Heights boy and mother awarded $14.5 million in medical malpractice court Stephanie Stewart was an excited but nervous mother to be.  When Stewart was twenty-five years old her pregnancy ended with an emergency caesarian delivery, five weeks before her due date.  In 2003, eleven years after her first pregnancy, Stewart was pregnant with her second …

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Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death

Soup Injection leads to medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit A medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit was filed on behalf of Ilda Victor Maciel.  Ilda Vitor Maciel, 88, of Rio de Janeiro, was admitted to Santa Casa de Barra Mansa hospital, having suffered a stroke which paralyzed one side of her body. Her family said she was showing …

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Strange Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Georgia man’s death during threesome nets his family $3M in strange medical malpractice lawsuit During a strange medical malpractice lawsuit, a jury in Gwinnett County, Georgia awarded $3 million to the widow of an Atlanta police officer who died while having three-way sex.  They found that his doctor was negligent in not properly diagnosing and treating his heart condition. …

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Top Pennsylvania Injury Verdicts

The 5 Highest Pennsylvania Personal Injury Case Verdicts of 2013 #5 A $2.8 million verdict in the 2006 hip replacement personal injury case of Lombardo v. Gardner A jury in western Pennsylvania awarded nearly $2.8 million to an elderly woman in a personal injury case.  The medical malpractice case concluded in October.  Her lawyer claimed the orthopedic …

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