Me Too Registry


Me Too Registry

Are you a survivor of a sexual offense?  Do you want to join the Me Too Movement? The Me Too Movement named the survivors. The Me Too Registry offers a private database of offenders.

Submit your offenders name to the private Me Too Registry database. If another survivor also names your offender, you will be privately notified that you are not alone in your experience. What you do with the information is up to you.

The Me Too Registry Notifies Multiple Victims of the Same Abuser

Inspired by the #MeToo movement, the Me Too Registry empowers multiple victims of the same alleged abuser through a private “You Are Not Alone” email notification.  The Me Too Registry's confidentiality helps survivors of sexual offenses privately find strength in numbers while adhering to the ideals of the United States Constitution, where all judgment is to be withheld until due process is afforded and the accused is proven guilty through our legal system.

"Fox Law will keep private the name(s) of the victim(s), however, Fox Law may privately contact victims as potential witnesses should a claim be filed by one or more victims of the same alleged perpetrator."

Protects the Rights of Survivors and the Rights of the Accused

  • Empowers survivors of sexual assault
  • Protects the privacy of the accused, and
  • Supports due process of law.


  1. Fill out the confidential Me Too Registry Submission Form.
  2. If one or more person submits a Me Too Registry Submission Form naming the same alleged perpetrator, a “You Are Not Alone” email will be sent to the multiple victims.
  3. It’s up to you where you go from here.

Me Too Registry Submission Form

A confidential sexual offense registry notifying victims of the same offender.
  • Name of person who allegedly committed offense against you.
  • Alleged perpetrators last known city and state of residence.
  • Please provide the email address where YOU would like to be contacted.

The biggest deterrent of all crime is not the severity or length of punishment, but the likelihood of getting caught."[1]

[1] Wright, Valerie. “Deterrence in Criminal Justice: Evaluating Certainty vs. Severity of Punishment.” The Sentencing Project.

"Although multiple victims are not necessary to pursue a sexual offense claim, victims may feel empowered to begin their conversation and decide if they want to pursue their claim knowing that they are not alone."

Laura Fox

Pursuing Your Claim

It is not necessary to have multiple victims to pursue your claim. Regardless of whether you are the only victim or there are multiple victims, you may report your claim to the police for criminal prosecution and/or pursue a civil claim against your alleged perpetrator.  Fox Law welcomes victims of sexual assault and/or sexual harassment to contact us for a free consultation regarding your case.

DISCLAIMER: The Me Too Registry is a free online program provided by Fox Law, P.C. as a public service for alleged victims of sexual assault and/or sexual harassment. Fox Law makes no warranties as to the validity of the alleged victims and the alleged perpetrators and only seeks to notify alleged victims that there may be other alleged victims of the same alleged perpetrator. The Fox Law, P.C. website provides general information about legal matters as a public service. Our provision of this information to the reader in no way constitutes an attorney-client relationship. By providing this information, we are not acting as your lawyer.  The request or receipt of any information from this website or any of the attorneys in our employ does not signify our acceptance to represent the recipient of this information. The information and advice received through this site is not a substitute for retaining a lawyer. This website provides general legal information that is intended, but not guaranteed, to be correct."

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