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Injury Lawyer Advice from Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney John Fox

I slipped and fell on a sheet of ice at a home improvement store 6 days ago. I was hurt pretty badly. Can I file a lawsuit 6 days later?

I was at a major home improvement store with my family. I was outside looking at a shed and I slipped on a sheet of black ice. I went straight backwards on my back. I have back pain, I cut my hand open, I may have fractured my elbow, and I’m having really bad pain in my knee. I didn’t file a complaint because I didn’t realize how injured I was. It is 6 days later & I’m curious to know if I have a case still. I am thinking about going to the hospital. My mother and stepfather were a witness. Additional information:  I went to the hospital today & went to the store where I fell to file a complaint. The manager said he couldn’t do anything for me but he took down my information. I have a sprained back & knee. I do not have a lawyer but I am interested in obtaining one. If anyone knows a lawyer that can help me please let me know.

You have up to two years from the date you were injured to file suit, so you do have time.  If you were injured you should immediately go to a medical provider.  This is important.  After this, you need to contact an attorney.  Your claim against the home improvement store may be a good one.  Weather condition and the steps that the home improvement store took to prevent the accident will be a factor in your personal injury claim.  The attorney you contact should specialize in personal injury cases.  If it is found that the home improvement store was negligent, you would be entitled to recover for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of income and any other out of pocket expense.

I am looking for injury lawyer advice.  I was wondering if I should sign my settlement check personally so I can see it, as opposed to giving a lawyer permission to endorse my name? 

Lawyers often endorse a client’s name, so this is not a rare thing for your attorney to do.  With that being said, proper documentation is required.  A form needs to be signed that specifically authorizes your lawyer to endorse your settlement check.  If you still feel uneasy about allowing the lawyer to endorse the check for you, I do not see it being problematic if you decide to sign it in person.

I have a question regarding an Epidural accident that happened to me during childbirth. Can I sue for future damages?

At the end of last year, I went into the hospital to give birth. The next day, I was told that they had inadvertently left a shredded piece of epidural catheter in my back. I remember that the nurse who removed the epidural struggled to do so. It took her at least 20 minutes. I subsequently had a CAT scan and a 5 minute neurology consult at the hospital. He basically told me to leave it (L1 and L2). He said that it would be difficult to remove. I paid $400 for a second opinion with another neurologist. He said he could do the surgery but my back may never be same. There will be lots of muscle damage. I am scared and terrified about all this. I have young children and a medical professional with lots of student loans. What do I do?

I am sorry to hear about what you are going through.  You should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, as your case seems to be a good one.   The standard of care states that nothing should be left in you after surgery.  A Philadelphia injury attorney will help you with the next steps you will need to take to file suit.

I believe there is Medical Liability due to the lack of care at an ER. Do I need an attorney?

After two days of pain in my stomach I went to the doctor and got a CT scan. The scan showed blockage in my lower intestine. I felt like I was in labor. I got to the ER and the nurse tried to get blood from me and said you are so dehydrated you need an IV. 3.5 hours later no IV.   No pain medication was given to me as well. I screamed out “I need an IV!” The nurse gave me one, which was absorbed in ten minutes and she asked me if I need another. I am not a doctor. After this they said they were going to release me.  Shortly after this the surgeon came down to say we are admitting you to observe you. When I went to my Gastroenterologist on Wednesday and he stated to the nurse in the room “They did not do the procedure immediately? What surgeon did she see?” The hospital called me last night wanting more details for a “peer review.”

I am sorry to hear about your bad experience in the emergency room.  Although you did not get the treatment that you deserved, it does seem that you received the appropriate treatment before any long-term damage was done.  It seems there could be more than you were able to fit in the question box.  I would suggest contacting a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer to discuss the matter.  Your case will be handled on a contingency basis, meaning that if a lawyer takes it, you will pay nothing until the lawyer wins money for you.

The school bus driver closed the bus double doors on my hand and started driving while I was outside the bus talking to her.

My kids elementary school bus driver started parking far away from the bus pick up point , so my kids and other students go running about 300 ft to the bus.  Today I asked her why she’s doing this, and she became very angry and looked to the front and closed the bus double doors on my right hand.  She then pushed the gas pedal while my hand was stuck between the doors.  Injuring myself, I did finally pull my hand from the doors.  I called 911 to report her and the police came and took a pictures to my hand.  The police told me to wait for the investigator to call me.  I did inform the transportation manager and the principal about what happened.  Now the pain is worse in my hand and I need to go to the hospital but I don’t have any health insurance.  What should I do now? Additional information: My hand is swollen, but I don’t think I have a broken bone. I’m going to the emergency room now.  The transportation manager called and told me the driver denied that she closed the doors on my hand and they don’t have a camera inside the bus.

I am happy to hear you are going to the hospital.  If you need medical attention, it is very important that you seek it quickly.   A lawyer would need to investigate further beyond what you stated above to determine whether your claim is meritorious.  I would immediately contact a personal injury attorney in your area.  They will iron through the details, information and facts.  Before you do this, go to the hospital and get the medical care that you need.

My son was assaulted by another student while at middle school this week. He sustained a broken jaw. Is the school liable?  Are the parents of the student liable for the medical expenses that I incur?

A police report was filed. The responsible student was suspended for three days. This same student was suspended 6 weeks ago for assaulting another student. What is my recourse? My son’s safety is of concern.

You will need to quickly call a personal injury lawyer.  It can be difficult to file a lawsuit against your school district, but certainly not impossible.  Lawsuits against schools usually have short time limits to put them on formal notice of the claim.  Therefore, it is important that you immediately contact an attorney to discuss your question above to preserve your son’s legal rights.  It does seem that your case may be meritorious.

I was injured in a store three months ago due to negligence on their part.  I’ve felt fine up until now, but lately have had real pain in my neck where some of their stock feel on me.  Is it too late to have an attorney start a personal injury claim for me?

You need to call an attorney immediately.  Your attorney will determine whether you have a case through an investigation.  Your delay in seeking medical attention will make the case more difficult but not impossible.  Do NOT talk to the insurance company before you discuss your case with an attorney first.


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