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The value of a Philly Injury Lawyer with a home court advantage:

Fox Law Philly Injury Lawyer John Fox

When you have been injured in Philly, the facts of your case, your pain and suffering, and financial impact are very important to the value of your case. But equally important is knowing about your lawyer. Does he or she have a strong work ethic? And does your Philly injury lawyer have the breath and depth of legal experience necessary for a home court advantage?

As a practicing Philly Injury Lawyer for over 30 years, the Philly court system is my home court advantage. If you have suffered a serious injury, there are many reasons to hire Fox Law. Here are 3 important reasons that would be a mistake for you to overlook.

An experienced Philly injury lawyer can maximize the value of your case.

As a former personal injury defense attorney, I have the personal injury legal experience to know how to maximize an insurance company’s settlement offer. All insurance companies are not the same. Some are more reasonable in the settlement phase, and others will make you file suit to get the compensation you deserve. I know the insurance companies that are reasonable, and the ones that are not; I know when I receive a fair settlement offer; and I know when it’s time to end the settlement negotiations and go to trial for you. I have years of experience getting the best result possible, whether it is through a settlement agreement or a jury trial.

It’s not only what we know, it's who we know.

In many cases, the outcome of your case is not dependent on what we know, but on who we know.  Having practiced as both a defense and plaintiff attorney, I know many of the defense and plaintiff Philly injury lawyers. I also know the judges who are assigned to the cases. Being represented by a Philly injury attorney who has professional relationships with Philly judges, mediators, defense lawyers, doctors, and physical therapy practices is extremely important to the success of your case.

I know the different judges’ tendencies and nuisances. I further understand the temperaments of the Philly judges, even so much as how to approach the different judges in the courtroom, and the manners you must use in front of the judge in conducting yourself at trial.  Because I have a familiarity with Philly judges, the judge may make efforts that he might not normally make, and try to get the case resolved, or put pressure on the defense attorney to resolve the case. Most clients do not give this much thought, but if they did, they would realize that using an experienced Philly Injury lawyer who the judge knows and respects, creates significant advantages for them.

As all opponents do, defense attorneys for insurance companies size up their opponent. Through their experience, they know which Philly Injury lawyers are a formidable opponent, and which ones are not. Through my years of defense and plaintiff practice, I am familiar with the Philly defense law firms who have a strong presence handling the cases that are filed in Philly.  And they are familiar with me. If a defense attorney has worked a case with me in the past, and my work has earned their trust and respect, that defense attorney will report to his client, the insurance company, that the plaintiff’s Philly injury lawyer is a formidable opponent, and that the insurance company should not take the case lightly.  The reputation of the Philly Personal Injury Lawyer handling your case almost always has an impact on the value of your case.

Many cases will go to mediation, as an attempt to reach a settlement, before going to trial.  In Philly, there is a mandatory Settlement Conference after the discovery is over and the expert reports are produced.  Attorneys volunteer to sit as mediators for this program.  Sometimes cases are meditated outside the mandatory court system mediation program.  Insurance companies will only agree to use mediators that they are familiar with. Mediators by nature are supposed to be very fair, and they are.  However, as an experienced Philly Injury Lawyer, I have mediated numerous cases with the mediators used by insurance companies.  Knowing the mediators’ personality and how he/she conducts the mediation, is another advantage for my clients.

A Philly injury lawyer knows top doctors and physical therapists.

Fox Law has a long-standing professional relationship with Philly medical doctors and physical therapy practices who will treat and write medical reports for injury victims, even without PIP insurance coverage. Often our clients need help finding medical facilities and doctors for treatment for their injuries. Philly personal injury claims require the assistance of Philly medical providers, such as Medical Rehabilitation Centers of Pennsylvania, who are experienced in treating, and writing quality reports on your injury, recovery, and long-term prognosis. Using an attorney that is not based in Philly, in all likelihood, will not have knowledge or personal relationships with the medical providers who are familiar with the litigation process and who will be needed to cooperate at the time of trial including preparing narrative reports and appearing at videotape trial depositions.  Very often, clients have no medical insurance or have exhausted their automobile PIP coverage.  This is a dilemma for the case because they are still injured and need treatment.  Please be aware that these facilities will not provide treatment for free. They expect to be paid back at the end of the case through settlement, but at the very least, the medical treatment continues to create value for your case.

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"I know how to defend cases which means I know how to win them.”

Former Defense Attorney, John Fox.

Fox Law Philly Injury Lawyer John Fox

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