Fast Case Resolution with Best Results

Philly Injury LawyerWhile every attorney would like to obtain a fast case resolution (they get their fee faster), best results are accomplished when your attorney allows you to completely develop your claim. Your attorney can't negotiate for the full value of your case if you are still treating for your injuries.  Therefore, fast case resolution with the best settlement results can ONLY be accomplished AFTER your treatment has been completed.

Any good attorney is doing a disservice to you if they prematurely settle your case before you have completed treatment for your injuries. There are situations, however, where the claimant is desperate for money and directs the attorney to settle the case, even though the claimant has not completed the treatment.

Your attorney should, however, be aggressive in handling your claim. That means that when your treatment is completed, your attorney should immediately collect all of the medical records and reports and prepare a demand package to the insurance adjuster. There should not be a delay in this regard.

After the demand package is presented to the adjuster, the attorney should immediately follow-up to confirm that the adjuster received the package. If the attorney does not hear from the adjuster within 2-3 weeks, the attorney should follow-up as to the status of the review, and continue to follow-up on a repeated basis until they have responded to the demand. If there is no response to the demand, or if the attorney determines that the parties are too far apart and it will never be resolved at the claims level, the attorney should file suit immediately.

In my opinion, having an aggressive, hard-working attorney is more important than having an attorney who promises fast case resolution.

If your claim is small, another option to get fast case resolution is for you to handle your own small claim in Small Claims Court.  Click here to watch my video where I explain how small claims court can work for you in some cases.

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