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Drivers are tempted by more distractions than ever before while driving, making distracted driving a leading cause of car accidents today. When another driver doesn’t pay attention, and their negligence causes injury, it’s up to you to retain a talented lawyer that you can trust, to help you figure out your next steps. Despite distracted driving’s fatal toll across American roads, it’s a behavior that persists for drivers of all ages and experience levels.

If you think the other driver in a wreck was texting and driving or involved in any other distracted behavior, you don’t have to deal with the mounting medical bills by yourself.

Dedicated Support for Victims of Distracted Driving Accidents in Philadelphia

Even though distracted driving awareness campaigns and new stories most often refer to text messaging, this is not the only example of a time when a driver's attention is pulled away from the road. Many people are overconfident in their abilities to operate a vehicle and focus on other activities at the same time. From putting on makeup to eating and drinking food to adjusting the radio dial and having a conversation with someone else in the car, it is all too easy to end up distracted behind the wheel. 

Sadly, it only takes a couple of seconds of glancing away from the road in front of you and your dashboard to end up in a deadly accident. When you are trying to put the pieces of your life back together because another driver was texting behind the wheel or just wasn't paying attention, you need the support of a dedicated Philadelphia distracted driving accidents attorney. What Causes Distracted Driving Accidents?

Any behavior that pulls the driver’s cognitive focus away from the task at hand can expose anyone else on the road to accidents and injuries. From other drivers and passengers to cyclists and pedestrians, anyone can fall victim to distracted driving accidents. Since only a few seconds is all it takes for a deadly wreck, most victims never even have the chance to spot the behavior of a distracted driver until it’s too late.

Did you know that distracted driving accidents are connected to up to 25 percent of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in the U.S.? Most drivers who look away from the road are not able to correct their vehicle’s path in time to avoid an accident and can instead strike a person, another car, a guardrail, or a building. The injuries and impacts from distracted driving accidents in Philadelphia can be much worse when the car was operated at a high rate of speed or when there are compounding factors like the driver being under the influence, inclement weather, or dangerous roadway conditions.

All it takes is looking away from the road for three seconds to find yourself in a position you can’t fix. Distracted driving accidents in Philadelphia can lead to property damage, injuries to yourself, or injuries to others who are struck in the crash. The sad fact is that even with the devastating toll of such accidents, distracted driving crashes are completely preventable.

Distracted Driving Laws in PA

Most drivers know that it’s dangerous and illegal to text behind the wheel, but they do it anyway. In Pennsylvania, texting and driving is a summary offense that could lead to fines. The fine for each violation is $50. This could go over $100 for court costs and surcharges, but the cost of an actual accident caused by distracted driving could be much higher. If the other party is catastrophically injured or disabled, the legal award for a personal injury claim could be substantial. The responsible driver might be unable to obtain affordable insurance again.

What are the Fault Laws in Pennsylvania?

As a victim in an accident, it’s your job to show that another party was responsible for causing the crash and therefore, your injuries. This is usually done through expert witnesses, an analysis of the crash scene, your medical records, and other testimony or evidence. When you can show that another driving owed you a duty of care and breached it by causing a distracted driving accident, the court could award you damage payments for your injuries.

Pennsylvania follows a form of no fault car accident laws that can be very confusing to understand as an accident victim. For this reason, it’s important for anyone involved in Philadelphia distracted driving accidents to keep notes about the wreck and corresponding medical conditions so that these can be presented to a knowledgeable lawyer.

Anyone hurt in a distracted driving crash in Philly should know the difference between limited tort and full tort coverage with insurance. A limited tort claim allows for compensation for injuries and other damages associated with a car crash except for pain and suffering or other non-monetary losses. A full tort claim, however, allows for all medical and out of pocket expenses in addition to other non-monetary losses. Sitting down with a PA distracted driving accidents lawyer is the first step towards understanding your rights.


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