Spectator Sport Injury

Spectator Sport Injury: Monster Truck Crashes Into Crowd

Spectator sport injury and death tragically occurred over the weekend.

A monster truck, outfitted with tractor-sized wheels, veered into a crowd after driving over a series of vehicles, according to video footage on the broadcaster’s website. The show occurred in the Netherlands near the German border on Sunday, and reportedly killed three people and injured at least a dozen.

Video footage of the spectator sport injury shows the truck veering off course after driving over the top of a row of cars, then knocking down a guardrail and driving into a group of onlookers.

Sadly, spectator sport injury and death does happen.  The worst spectator sport disaster was the 1955 Le Mans Disaster.  It was over 50 years ago that the world’s worst spectator sport disaster took place.

The incident occurred when a Mercedes was launched into the air, killing 83 spectators and the driver, Pierre Levegh.

Relatives filed through the hospitals and clinics in an attempt to identify the unnamed victims. Some of the men, women, and children killed were so terribly mutilated in this spectator sport injury event that they were never identified.

If you are going to attend a racing, or monster truck event, we do have some safety tips for you so that you can avoid spectator sport injury.

Spectator Sport Injury Tips:

Spectator Sport Injury Tip 1:  Sit up high- The best seats are up high.  They give you a better view and keep you far from debris.

Spectator Sport Injury Tip 2:  Do not stand by the fence or by the vehicles.  We know that the speed and thrill of the cars and trucks are exciting as the race by.  But you could be placing yourself in harm’s way.  It is also against the rules at most tracks today.

Spectator Sport Injury Tip 3:  Don’t drink too much alcohol!  Drinking too much while attending a race, or any spectator sport for that matter, will cause you to be less likely to make quick decision.  Your judgement may also be altered.

Spectator Sport Injury Tip 4:  Become a weatherman for the day.  Watch the weather.  If there are storms in the area, don’t count on the officials to call the race.  You need to make the call. To avoid spectator sport injury, if there are storms in the area seek shelter under a sturdy roof or in your car.


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