Santa & Mrs. Claus in Car Accident

 Couple known as Santa & Mrs. Claus in Fatal Car Accident

Joyce Daniels and husband Jack were heading home after playing Santa and Mrs. Claus in town of when their vehicle ran into ice on the road. Joyce Daniels was killed in the accident. Her husband is recovering in the hospital. The couple were well known in their community for their giving spirit. They are now being recognized across the country. Their grandchildren said that above all they want everyone to know in the last hours of her life, their grandmother did what she loved.

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Avoid Top 4 Causes of Car Accidents at Christmas

The phones have been ringing off the hook at Fox Law. Why? Car Accidents. And it’s not even snowing outside. Statistically, December 23rd and 24th are the top two days for car accidents at Christmas and the six days prior to Christmas have more car crashes than Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. The hectic shopping days before Christmas are the main culprit. In the days prior to Christmas, there are more drivers on the road than at other times of the year. Compounding the crowded roads are out-of-town drivers.  Increased traffic, out-of-town drivers, and distracted drivers rushing to finish their holiday shopping can be a dangerous combination.

Holiday Stress

The stress of holiday shopping can be a huge contributor to car accidents at Christmas.  Don’t have enough time to get everything done?  You’re not the only one. Drive carefully and be patient. Keep your mind on the road and off your Christmas list. Play soothing Christmas music.

Parking Lot Danger

Battling for a parking space in a packed lot increases the collision odds at Christmas. Fourteen percent of accidents occur in parking lots. And although drivers spend only one-percent of their time in reverse, backing-up results in one-quarter of all parking lot crashes.

Drinking and Driving

Now we get into the more serious stuff… approximately 40% of all fatalities during the Christmas holiday are crashes where someone was drinking and driving. “I just had a few” can result in an auto accident in which you may spend the rest of your life regretting. Keep in mind, it is against the law not only to drive drunk, but also to drive “buzzed.” When celebrating the holidays, plan ahead with a designated driver, Uber or taxi.

Texting and Driving (Distracted Driving)

Texting and driving may be an even bigger problem today than drinking and driving. Despite new laws on texting and driving, there are still many drivers today who do it and the results are often devastating.  Many tragic accidents today involve texting. Once case that comes to my mind in which I was personally involved  a few years ago was a tragic accident on a highway a week before Christmas that left a beautiful young mother dead and her toddler daughter without a mother.  The phone was found in the young mother’s hand at the wheel of the car.  She was texting seconds before impact. Make the decision to put down your phone and drive responsibly. When you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, operating that vehicle deserves your undivided attention.  The text can wait. Anything less is negligence.

Please drive safely this Christmas.

Happy Holidays from Fox Law.


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