Pedestrian Accidents

Three Pedestrian Accidents Occurred over the Weekend

Three pedestrian accidents occurred over the weekend.  One man is in critical condition after a drunk driver crashed into him as he tried to cross the street on crutches on Saturday morning.  The twenty-five-year-old driver from Warminster faces multiple charges including driving under the influence after he hit a forty-nine-year-old man with his 2001 Ford Taurus.  The victim was using the crosswalk.  Witnesses stated that the pedestrian, who was slowed by his crutches, was about halfway across the street when the signal changed.  The pedestrian tried to avoid oncoming traffic, but the vehicle slammed into him and sent him airborne.  The victim suffered a severe head injury.  He was unconscious when first responders arrived on the scene.  He was transported to Aria Torresdale Hospital.  He is listed in critical condition.

A Trenton man was killed and a Levittown man was injured when the pair was struck walking along I-95 in Bucks County.  This was the most severe of the pedestrian accidents.  Both men were transported to St. Mary Medical Center in Bucks County.  Police are investigating if both men were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the 12:12 a.m. incident.  A blue Suzuki being driven by one of the men broke down along the shoulder of I-95 south near exit 49 in Lower Makefield Township shortly after midnight. The passenger in the Suzuki, called a friend for help.  When the friend arrived, the passanger exited the car and was struck by the mirror of an oncoming Lexus driving in the right lane. The twenty-seven year old driver of the Lexus, stopped after the young man was struck.  The young man was sitting up when his friend came to his aid to attempt to drag him to the side of the road.  A Hyundai Santa Fe then struck both men.  The impact of the Gyundai killed the passenger and injured the driver of the vehicle.   The driver of the Hyundai also stopped after the fatal car accident.

The youngest victim of the pedestrian accidents that occurred this weekend was a two-year-old toddler.  The innocent youngster was in the hospital Saturday after a car struck the toddler in West Philadelphia.  The child was transported to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  The condition of the child is unknown.


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