Car Accident Insurance

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer discusses Full Tort vs. Limited Tort Car Insurance

Selecting the right coverage when you purchase car accident insurance could have a significant impact on your case if you are in an auto accident and the accident is caused by someone else.  If you do not select the right coverage, you may be precluded from bringing a claim for personal injury if your injuries are not serious.  Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer John Fox urges you to select “Full Tort” coverage rather than “Limited Tort” coverage.  Limited tort has a lower premium of about $100-$200 per year but it precludes your claim for pain and suffering unless you have a debilitating injury or what the courts like to say is a “serious impairment of bodily function”.  A cervical or lumbar sprain which lasts several months will not be severe enough to make a claim if you have Limited Tort coverage.  However, if you have Full Tort coverage, you would be permitted to make a claim for lumbar and cervical sprain and strain, even if you treated for just a month.  In this case, you will be kicking yourself if you did not have Full Tort coverage because the premium discount for Limited Tort coverage was not worth it in the long run.  When your insurance agent does your paperwork for the car accident insurance coverage you should sign the form where it says “I choose the Full Tort option”.  You will not regret it.


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