Car Accident Contest

Car Accident Contest a win, win by helping students afford college and promoting roadside safety

Bridgestone Tires recently sponsored a contest to promote smart and responsible teenage driving. Bridgestone Tires is committed to keeping our roads safe, which includes educating our newest drivers on making smart decisions behind the wheel. The three students were selected from nearly 8,000 online votes.  Below are the car accident contest results.  Click on images below for the winning videos. 

1st place: “Driving is Beautiful.”

The top winner of the $25,000 scholarship was Nicole Ricketts for her video, “Driving is Beautiful.”

“Driving is Beautiful” shows the blessings, the beauty, the adventure and the fun that teen driving can be, while emphasizing the responsibility drivers have to preserve that beauty.  Behind the wheel, drivers have a choice to respect the law and avoid reckless and irresponsible behavior. Driving is a gift, one that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Accidents may be inevitable, but the best way teens can be safe is to be smart.

2nd Place:  “Technically Almost Legal.”

The second spot and $15,000 in scholarship money went to Tosh Chambers for his video, “Technically Almost Legal.”

“Technically Almost Legal,” shows multiple distractions in the car that should be avoided for safety purposes, even though not all of them are illegal. Chambers was inspired by recent laws on texting and driving and wanted to highlight other activities that are equally as dangerous but have not received the same attention.

3rd Place:  “Safe Driver.”

The $10,000 third prize went to Natalie Barrios for her video, “Safe Driver.”

“Safe Driver,” is a spoof on infomercials, advertising the ultimate safe driving companion. It showcases the special features and versions of the “Safe Driver” product while explaining the danger of distractions that teens face behind the wheel every day.

Critic’s Choice Award”  “Times not to Text.”

Martha Levytsky received a Critic’s Choice Award and a $2,500 cash prize for her video, “Times Not to Text.”

“Times Not to Text” gives a comedic look at the absurdity of texting while driving. As humorous as it seems to text while mid-surgery, Levytsky’s video shows that texting while driving needs to be treated in the same, if not greater, respect.

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