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Car Accident Auto Shop Tips from Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

Chances are that over the course of your life you will experience a car accident.  If you have not already experienced a car accident, you are lucky.  Car accidents are quite an unpleasant, scary and stressful event.  Often you miss work, your health is in jeopardy, others in your vehicle may be injured, etc.  With these very serious factors directly resulting from the accident, the last thing you need to worry about is the damage to your automobile.  It does not matter if your car has suffered extremely significant damage, internal damage, or a simple scuff. Finding an excellent car accident auto shop is extremely important to make sure that your car receives an accurate estimate.

Car Accident Auto Shop Tip 1:  Choose a shop that does it all. 

Choose a shop that is able to complete everything that you could possibly need.  You do not want to choose a shop that can only complete cosmetic fixes, or internal diagnostics.  There are many great auto shops out there and you can find one that does it all.  Only settle for a shop that can expand from a minor touch up to full car repair.

Car Accident Auto Shop Tip 2:  Ask around for recommendations.

Ask your local friends, family and colleagues for recommendations.  Car accidents are an inevitable reality for most people.  If you are lucky enough to have not experienced a car accident, something will happen to your car as it ages, and you will need a car accident auto shop to fix it.  Most of your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues have taken their car to a car accident auto shop.  Maybe they have had a good experience or a bad experience at the shop.  Either way, their advice can you decide which shop you should go with to repair your own car.

Car Accident Auto Shop Tip 3:  Check out the reviews of auto shops. 

After you have a list of auto shop names, complete some investigation on your own.  It is the 21st century and you should be able to find reviews of each shop on the internet.  If you cannot find reviews, be wary.  After your own investigation, narrow down your choices to two-three shops.

Car Accident Auto Shop Tip 4:  Contact the final shops you are considering.

After you create a list of car accident auto shops, call the shop on the phone.  A good car accident auto shop will be staffed with knowledgeable and friendly customer service team members willing to answer your questions and provide quick and accurate information and assistance.  Hopefully these phone consultations will allow you to narrow down the auto shop you choose to one.

Car Accident Auto Shop Tip 5:  Visit the facility of your chosen shop

Once you have chosen your shop, visit the facility in person.  You will meet the damage repair estimator.  He should take a decent amount of time to look at your vehicle, and go over all of the repairs necessary to make your car good as new again.  During this process it is very important to take notes and check for prices, certifications and guarantees.

Car Accident Auto Shop Tip 6:  Low prices can mean low quality work.

During your car accident auto shop search, be mindful that low cost auto shops often mean low quality work.  You want your car to be repaired properly.  Even if the cost is low, if the job is not of quality, you will find yourself needing a repair of your repair before you know it.

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