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 Dash Car Accident App shines light on data that was not always easily accessible.

Looking to Dash away from car accidents in Philadelphia? Well, car accident app Dash might be your answer.   Dash is a relatively new car accident app that keeps track of your driving.   Dash can tell you how much you drive, where you can get gas, and how well you are breaking while driving.   Additionally, car accident app Dash plugs into your car’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) and will tell you what is wrong with your vehicle, when something is malfunctioning.  Think about all the data about your driving that goes unused or unrecorded.  Dash’s core mission is to improve the driving experience by shining light on data that was not always easily accessible.

There are several “connected car” products on the market, similar to car accident app, Dash.   The hardware of these products are similar.  You will need to purchase Dash’s hardware device.  This hardware device involves on board diagnostics (OBD).  You can purchase this device on the Dash mobile application or the Dash homepage. The Dash software will also work with any Bluetooth-enabled OBD device.  Dash’s home page will even direct your to generic devices found on Amazon for $10 and up.

Dash offers a variety of “connected car” features.  Dash tracks fuel usage, passes along notifications when your car’s components have gone awry and lets people locate their cars on a map.  Additionally, Dash users can use their smartphone as a secondary display  for realtime info like in progress speed, engine RPM, and fuel economy.

And of course, it is the 21st century, and so social media is brought into the picture as well.  All that driving data can be automatically uploaded to an associated online Dash account. From there people can compare their own metrics to their fellow Dash users and pick up on best practices for squeezing optimal performance out of their rides. What’s more, users can also record and share in-car video with speed and engine information.

With Dash, the improvement also includes a focus around safety and overall smarter driving. In the case of the former, while the app is in “in transit” mode, it will actively warn you through auditory alerts when something goes wrong that could potentially cause a car accident.  For example, breaking too hard, veering, other driving practices that aren’t up to speed.   Not only does Dash serve as a warning, but if also compares you to friends or family, to see who can earn the best “driving score.”  It adds competition and incentive to safe driving.

Dash now competes with a number of OBD apps and similar services in an ever-crowded market,Carvoyant, CarMDTorqueCar Doctor, and many others.


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