Month: July 2014

Vehicular Motorcycle Accident

Settlement proves Palmer Township crash victim was not at fault in vehicular motorcycle accident It has been over three years since Terry Wegfahrt died from injuries he suffered in a vehicular motorcycle accident in the Palmer Park Mall shopping complex. Terry Lee Wegfahrt was a graduate of Nazareth High School.  24-year-old Wegfahrt had earned a 2007 Diploma in Motorcycle …

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Bicyclists, Pedestrians and Motorists Understanding the Rules of the Road

The frustration between bicyclists pedestrians and motorist stem from inattention to the laws of the road from all sides As an injury lawyer in Philadelphia, I strongly support the Department of Public Safety’s decision to enforce penalties for all bicyclists pedestrians and motorists who do not follow traffic laws on the road.  The Department of Public Safety …

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Horrible Personal Injury Lawsuits

3 Horrible Personal Injury Lawsuits (Filed by the People who Caused the Accident) Adding insult to injury does not adequately describe these horrible personal injury lawsuits… Horrible Personal Injury Lawsuits | #1 Florida Man Driving While Intoxicated & On Drugs, Kills Three, Pleads Guilty…Then Sues Victims This is one of the most horrible personal injury …

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Tourist Accidents

The 5 Worst Tourist Accidents of the 21st Century Tourism in America is at an all time high during the summer months.  Tourism is defined mostly as a leisure activity that people do for entertainment or for educational purposes.  Tourist campaigns will often attract visitors by advertising “fun,” “relaxation,” “adventure,” and so on.  When participating in a tourist …

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