Month: June 2014

Freak Accident

Yeadon, PA toddler killed in freak accident at Philadelphia Rita’s Water Ice A freak accident caused a festive fundraiser to turn terribly tragic.  Over the weekend Philadelphia police identified the three-year-old girl who was killed in a freak accident at Rita’s Water Ice on Saturday as Wynter Larkin.  The young child passed away after a security gate at …

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Phony Personal Injury Claim

Marathon racing chiropractor will serve five months in jail for phony personal injury claim A marathon-running chiropractor was sentenced to serve five months in jail for filing a phony personal injury claim. first reported this story.  Fox Law reported on fraudulent insurance claims last month, after news broke of a forty-six person slip and …

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British Airways

British Airways sued for sending passenger to the West Indies instead of Spain If you have ever struggled with geography you are not alone.  British Airways officials whose job it is to know where they are sending their paying customers have mix-ups, too.  Unfortunately for the airline industry, this mix-up might cost them.  An American dentist …

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Injured Acrobats Will Sue After Accident

Seven Injured Acrobats Will Sue After Accident, Four Spoke At Press Conference The seven injured acrobats will sue after accident that occurred last month.  The acrobats who were injured in a horrifying accident during a circus performance in Providence will file a lawsuit seeking compensation for their injuries, their lawyers said Tuesday.  Four of these circus acrobats …

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Pit Bull Dog Bite Victim

KFC ‘Kicks Out’ Young Pit Bull Dog Bite Victim A Facebook page titled “Victoria’s Victories” was created after Victoria Wilcher suffered a severe Pit Bull dog bite in April.  The Victoria’s Victories page follows the medical updates for 3-year-old pit bull dog bite victim Victoria Wilcher.  The “Victoria’s Victories” page administrator posted a photo showing Victoria smiling …

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Shocking Medical Malpractice Mistakes

The 9 Most Common and Shocking Medical Malpractice Mistakes (and how to avoid these shocking medical malpractice mistakes from happening to you!) #1 Treating the wrong patient | Shocking Medical Malpractice Mistakes The most common type of medical malpractice mistake is when the identity of patients are confused at a hospital.  This is what happened …

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