Month: April 2014

Philadelphia Car Accident Injuries

Philadelphia car accident injuries on Tuesday April 23, 2014 Philadelphia Car Accident Injuries: West Philadelphia Accident  CBS Philadelphia reported that at least two people were injured in a four car accident in Fairmount Park Tuesday morning.  The crash happened shortly after 8:30 a.m. along the Martin Luther King Drive near Greenland Drive.  According to investigators, …

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Slip and Fall Injury and Comparative Negligence

Determining who is at fault in a slip and fall comparative negligence case can be complicated. There is always the potential problem of shared responsibility.  Another problem is locating the responsible party. A personal injury lawyer will need to conduct an in-depth investigation of the slip and fall injury to determine fault or partial fault …

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Environmental Law and Personal Injury

Environmental Law and Personal Injury Attorney John Fox discusses Malvern, Pennsylvania Oil Spill Damage and Clean-up The Oil Spill that occurred last summer in Malvern is an example of a local environmental release.  On June 23, 2013, a faulty gasket caused a Malvern Pennsylvania Oil Spill.  The Malvern Pennsylvania Oil Spill dumped more than 10,000 gallons of oil …

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Slip and Fall Accident

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident Attorney discusses Property Owners Maintenance Responsibility Property owners are responsible for maintaining their property to prevent injury from a slip and fall accident.  Even trespassers can obtain compensation for an injury sustained on another person’s property. What is a Slip and Fall Accident? In a slip and fall accident, the injured …

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