"Do you know how many lawyers have not been to trial in years?  Insurance companies do."

What can a top Philadelphia personal injury lawyer do for you?

Philadelphia Personal Injury LawyerWhat a top rated Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, who is a true trial lawyer, can do for you, is help you receive the compensation you deserve. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or slip and fall accident, the insurance company is not on your side. Their job is to give you as little compensation as possible. The best negotiating leverage you can have is to hire a top rated Philly injury lawyer with the home court advantage, ready to go to trial for you.

Insurance companies hire trial lawyers.  They are hoping that you don't.

A former defense attorney for a Philadelphia fortune 500 company, John Fox has been a top rated Philadelphia personal injury lawyer and trial attorney for over 30 years. In his career, he has tried multi-million dollar cases in Philadelphia and throughout the United States.

John Fox holds highest Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating of AV® Preeminent™(5.0). This is a significant accomplishment. As an AV rated Philadelphia personal injury lawyer John Fox is ranked by his peers at the highest level of professional excellence. Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™ is the gold standard peer review authority in attorney rating. An elite group less than 10% of all lawyers hold this rating, which recognizes the highest legal ability, communication skills, and ethical standards.

Martindale Hubbell Top Injury Lawyer Rating

NO FEE unless we win. FREE Consultations.

All Philadelphia personal injury lawyers are not the same.

Choosing the best Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can make a difference.

Finding the best Philadelphia personal injury lawyer can make a difference as to whether you win, lose, and how much you recover for your injuries. In the video below, John Fox shares his background and how his experience can make a difference for you.

For more on how to find the best Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, read about the 7 important questions to ask.

How Fox Law made a difference:  Patricia's Story

In 2016, I was visiting a former student in the state of Illinois.  She had recently been ill.  When we were leaving her home in the evening, my husband and I were hit head-on by a negligent driver, who continued to accelerate, turned our pickup truck, and hit us again through the driver’s side. We live in Pennsylvania, and were certainly strangers in a strange land.

The Illinois attorney, who originally assumed the case, seemed uncertain what to do down to the penultimate detail, and was reluctant to proceed against a local in a small community. Ultimately, Fox Law picked up the case in Pennsylvania and Illinois, and we believe that it was one of the best things that happened in 2017 and 2018.

Mr. Fox and his daughter, who run the firm, are intelligent, insightful, attentive, and wholly compassionate.  They are also ethical, which we consider quite notable these days. No email nor telephone call went unanswered, and Mr. Fox’s comprehensive knowledge of how insurance companies work, particularly their delays and subterfuges, was clearly central to our success.  He even accompanied me to a physician’s office one evening, and never once disparaged the degree of our distress.  Rather, he was encouraging at every level, and walked us through the legal processes meticulously.  When they were finally over, we felt we had made a fast friend, someone who would stick with us no matter what. John Fox has recently asked us if I would recommend his firm to others – family, colleagues, friends, students.  The answer is, “Of course!”  Indeed, I cannot recommend Fox Law highly enough.  I am immensely grateful!

Patricia L. Robinson-Linder, Ed.D., Ph.D.

Client Testimonial

How Fox Law made a difference: Lexi's Story

The representation I received from John Fox and his entire team was absolutely wonderful. Originally I had hired another law firm to take on my personal injury suit from a car accident.

When the other firm encouraged me to settle my claim for a low settlement, I felt they were not looking out for my best interest. No longer comfortable with them, I decided to release them from my case and hire a new attorney. Taking a leap of faith, I went with the first attorney I felt had the most qualification. When I first contacted Fox Law, I spoke to John's wife who works along side her husband. She immediately listened to my story and wanted to help. John agreed to take my case and vowed he would do what he thought was in my best interest. For a case that went nowhere for 2 years John had my case completely settled in about a year. He pushed for me to get the best settlement possible.

I received more than three times the amount of money that my original attorney wanted me to settle for.

John continuously kept in contact with me and informed me of the progress of the case, he is friendly, professional, and most importantly he fights for his clients. I would highly recommend John Fox to anyone dealing with a personal injury. You will receive excellent representation by this law firm!

Lexi Miletto

Client Testimonial

Expertise names Fox Law in their list of top 20 Philadelphia personal injury lawyers.

Fox Law has been named on Expertise's list of 20 Best Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers.

Expertise has named Fox Law on their short list of Philadelphia's 20 best personal injury lawyers. Their selection criteria is based on reputation, credibility, experience, availability and professionalism. A business can not pay to be included on Expertise's list of Best Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers.

Expertise's hand-picked list helps consumers find qualified, well-reviewed professionals--professionals who work hard to earn this recognition. Our mission is to provide our clients with top-notch representation and personal attention.

What Sets Us Apart as one of Philadelphia's Best Personal Injury Law Firms?

"I know how to defend cases which means I know how to win them.”

Best personal injury lawyer in PhiladelphiaAs a former defense attorney, John Fox is skilled as both a defense and plaintiff attorney.

We put our defense experience to work for you. John Fox understands how defense attorneys work and we use this knowledge to skillfully represent plaintiffs in serious personal injury claims.  This is a distinct advantage for our clients.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Specializing in Trial Law: The Fox Law Strategy

If a Philly Injury Lawyer has no intention of going to trial, and their only strategy from the beginning is to settle your case, this weakens their negotiating leverage.

It is important to choose a Philly Injury Lawyer who is prepared to take your case to trial. At Fox Law, we practice what we call "The Fox Law Strategy”. 

The Fox Law Strategy is to thoroughly prepare each case for trial from the beginning. Although most cases do settle before trial, cases that are thoroughly prepared for trial from the start have the strongest negotiating leverage. They also result in the best personal injury settlements. 

Another negotiating leverage is Fox Law's reputation: Fox Law was a former defense attorney for a fortune 500 company. As a result, the insurance companies know that a Fox Law Philly Injury Lawyer will take your case to trial if we do not receive an acceptable settlement offer.

Philadelphia Personal Injury LawyerFox Law offers free legal advice for 2 weeks following an accident. No Obligation.

If you have been involved in an accident, what you do in the days and weeks following your injury can affect your injury claim. Therefore, a Fox Law Philly Injury Lawyer will guide you, with no obligation, in the weeks following your accident. We will advise you on how to proceed while you are determining the extent of your injury. If you are fortunate enough that your injuries are minor and have completely resolved in 2 weeks, we will advise you to try to settle your claim directly with the insurance company. We will even give you an idea of what is a fair settlement offer. If after 2 weeks you still have unresolved aches and pains, they may be a warning sign of a more serious injury.  In this case, we can help you receive a better settlement offer than you can obtain on your own.

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What makes our Philadelphia personal injury law firm different?


Fox Law is a small, family owned personal injury law firm that takes pride in the top legal representation and personal attention we give our clients.  We will keep you informed and promptly return your phone calls.


We have a track record of success in settlements and jury trial verdicts against big insurance companies, major corporations, and the government. Our results have earned us the respect of our peers, many of whom refer their clients, family and friends to Fox Law.


Don't take our word for it... check out our reviews and client testimonials!

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ's

Do I need a Philly Injury Lawyer?

Philly Personal Injury Lawyer John FoxIt may take a few weeks for you to know for sure the extent of your injury, and if you will need a Philly injury lawyer to handle your claim.  However, what you do and don’t do in the days following a personal injury claim are critical to the success of your case.

Contact us immediately following an accident and take advantage of our free consultation and free legal advice in the weeks following your injury. We will help you to understand your rights under Pennsylvania Personal Injury Law. Before you attempt to negotiate with the insurance adjuster on your own, you should understand the risks involved in handling your own claim.

What is a fair settlement offer?

What is your pain and suffering worth? What is whiplash, a concussion, back injury, or other personal injury worth? Fox Law will give you an idea of what is a fair settlement offer as compensation for your injury.

What is my case worth?

Pennsylvania personal Injury law determines your case value based on your injury, your economic loss, and liability. Therefore, it usually takes time for the true value of a case to unfold.  There are many unknown factors that must be evaluated over time.  Correct diagnosis, length of treatment, medical bills, work loss, and future prognosis will all be factors in determining your case worth.  In the event that you are comparatively negligent, you can still recover for your injuries; however, your case value will be reduced by the percentage of your comparative negligence. When your injuries are fully understood, we can give you the true value of what your case is worth.

 Personal Injury Lawyer Northeast PhiladelphiaHow Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania personal injury law states that the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is 2 years from the date of the accident, with some exceptions.  The statute may be extended, beginning when the plaintiff knew, or reasonably should have known, that an injury occurred and that it was caused by someone else’s negligent actions. Minors are also given special consideration. For minors, the 2-year statute-of-limitations begins on the minor's 18th birthday and ends on the minor’s 20th birthday. In the case of a wrongful death lawsuit, the deceased person’s family has 2 years from the date of the person’s death to file suit. Speaking with a Philly injury lawyer early on is the best way to preserve a successful claim.

PennDOT Car Accident Statistics

PennDOT Statistics on Causes of Car Accidents

What to do immediately following an accident.

There are some important do's and don'ts immediately following an accident that personal injury victims should know. Here is what you can do to get your personal injury claim off to the right start.

Document your injury.

Document your injury through doctors’ reports and your own personal diary following your accident.  Doctors' reports following an accident are critical to connect your injury to the accident.  A diary will help you remember how you were feeling and how long it took you to recover from your pain and suffering when you are asked to recount the details of your accident and injury months later.

Preserve evidence.

A picture tells a thousand words and can be very helpful in the successful outcome of your case.  If possible, take pictures of the accident scene.  Take close-up photos and distance photos showing the surrounding area. If the injury was caused by a defective condition on a raised sidewalk, take a picture of the defect with a ruler showing the height of the defect. A successful slip and fall personal injury claim requires proving that the owner knew or should have known of the defective condition; pictures can provide this type of evidence.  Pictures of the license plate, driver's license, insurance and registration cards are also helpful.

Obtain the police report.

Police reports are helpful in providing contact information and witness statements.  You are entitled to receive one copy of the police report. Your attorney may also obtain your police report.

Hire a top rated Philly Injury Lawyer

Do your homework and choose your lawyer carefully. Hire a Philly Injury Lawyer with a home court advantage. Attorney personality, style, training, experience, reputation and results vary. The personal injury attorney you choose will be your partner and voice through your lawsuit. Choose an attorney with whom you feel comfortable sharing your journey. Look for a hard working, compassionate listener and an excellent communicator. Does the lawyer handling your case have a manageable case load? In some large firms, attorneys handle hundreds of cases by handing them down to staff members. These are just a few of the things you should consider when making your decision. Although you can change your Philly injury lawyer at any time, it is best to find the right Philadelphia personal injury lawyer to handle your claim from the start.



Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

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If Fox Law accepts your case, it will be handled on a contingency fee, which means you pay nothing out-of-pocket. We carry all of the costs and assume all of the risks when we accept your personal injury claim.

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