Philadelphia Amputation Attorney John FoxFox Law Philadelphia Amputation Attorneys have specialized experienced in handling amputation personal injury cases. Amputations of the fingers, hands and legs, most often occur in workplace injuries, but can also occur as a result of serious automobile accidents or even dog bites.  If you suffered the amputation of a body part, you need an experienced personal injury attorney who has significant experience in the specialized handling of amputation cases. There are many reasons why you should hire Fox Law, including our experience with amputation cases and other catastrophic injury claims.

Amputation is not the typical injury most attorneys handle. An experienced Philadelphia amputation attorney possess a higher level of expertise and knows how to maximize the value of an amputation case.  Amputation cases have significant value and require skilled trial attorneys to get you the true value your amputation injury deserves.

Philadelphia amputation attorneys know how to establish liability.

Philadelphia Amputation Attorneys must first address the liability issues which resulted in the amputation.  If the attorney cannot establish liability for the amputation, then there can be no claim for damages.  Even if the amputation occurred in a work related injury, a skilled Philadelphia Amputation Attorney can explore third party targets that may have caused the amputation but are not related to the employer, who has immunity for work related injuries other than providing workman’s compensation benefits.

Philadelphia Amputation Attorneys with the experts you need.

Amputation injuries will have life-long effects on the injured and their family.  Therefore, it is very important to retain excellent medical experts, vocational experts, lifecare experts, and any other experts necessary to fully develop the value of your case. At Fox Law, we retain all of the necessary experts for you to receive the full lifetime compensation you deserve for your amputation injury.

Philadelphia amputation attorneys retain top doctors.

Once liability is established, a well-represented amputation case requires a significant investment of time and money by the Philadelphia Amputation Attorney. Philadelphia Amputation Attorneys must make sure their client is receiving medical care by top-rated medical professionals, who also understand what is needed from them in the form of expert medical reports.  The amputee must be seen at the best physical rehabilitation medical centers, and by the best physical medicine doctors.  Fox Law  is experienced in this type of litigation and works with the best Philadelphia doctors, who we can call on to write narrative reports rendering opinions with respect to diagnosis and prognosis.

It is also important that we can count on the doctors we use to testify at trial.  Not all doctors are cooperative when it comes to a personal injury lawsuit. However, in Philadelphia, there are excellent doctors and other medical professionals who also understand the legal process and are willing to participate as necessary when their patient’s amputation injury is the subject of a personal injury claim. In addition to medical experts, there are many other types of experts that a good Philadelphia Amputation Attorney will retain.

Philadelphia amputation attorneys use economic experts.

Amputation cases usually result in past and future work loss, and a skilled Philadelphia Amputation Lawyer has a history with excellent economic experts, which are necessary to develop the work loss claim.

Philadelphia Amputation Attorneys use life care experts.

A good Philadelphia amputation lawyer will retain a life care plan expert to interview the amputee so that the expert can understand the injury and how this injury impacts the amputee on a daily basis.  The life care plan expert will then review all the medical records and speak with the doctors to learn about future medical care.  Life care plan experts are very valuable to an amputation injury because they will help to fully quantify the cost of future medical care.

Philadelphia Amputation Attorneys will leave no stone un-turned.

Depending on the body part that was amputated, Fox Law may also retain a company that specializes in producing and developing a day in the life videos which can be presented to the insurance company and/or even shown to a jury.  The day in the life videos, if properly presented, are extremely effective.

Amputation cases require specialized Amputation injury law firms, who routinely spend a significant amount of money developing catastrophic injury cases through medical experts, liability experts, economic experts and life care plan experts. Law firms that do not do this on a regular basis are often unwilling, or do not have the financial resources, to expend the money that is necessary to fully develop an amputation case.

Fox Law invests whatever it takes to develop your amputation injury case to its fullest.

If you, or a loved one, has suffered a traumatic amputation injury as the result of someone's negligence, the value of your injury is higher than many other types of injury claims, due to the severity and permanence of your injury. When we accept an amputation case, we accept the case with the understanding that we will invest as necessary to fully develop your case.

If you are looking for Philadelphia Amputation Attorneys, Fox Law will handle your amputation case with the skill that it demands, and personal attention it deserves. Below is an excerpt from one of our heartfelt amputation client testimonial:

"I had my leg amputated...  John Fox has taken excellent care of me... this man has and has given me the most sound solid advice you could ask for. His daughter is also a saint...  I love these people They are more friend than lawyer ... I'm so glad I chose Fox Law to represent me THANK YOU JOHN AND LAURA"

Jason S.

Client Testimonial

What is a traumatic amputation injury?

A traumatic amputation injury is the sudden loss of a part of a body during a serious accident, such as an arm amputation, leg amputation, foot amputation, hand amputation, toe amputation or finger amputation.  Traumatic amputation injury is rare.  The loss of limb usually happens immediately during the accident; however, the amputation may also occur a few days later.  The most common cause of a traumatic amputation injury is a construction accident. Car accidents are the second most common cause of a traumatic amputation injury. In general, the recovery from a traumatic amputation injury is more difficult than an amputation that is planned due to a long term medical issue.

Long term complications of a traumatic amputation injury:

An amputation injury is physically and psychologically traumatic.  Prosthetics are expensive. In the U.S., a typical prosthetic limb can start at $10,000 and go up to around $15,000.  Amputation usually requires a hospital stay of five to fourteen days or more and 50% to 80% of amputees experience the phenomenon of phantom limbs.

Phantom limb pain is when an amputee feels body parts that are no longer there.  The sensations can range from itching, aching, and burning, to feeling tense, dry, wet, or they can feel their non-existent limb moving.  Phantom sensations and pain may also be experienced in an unrelated part of the body.  If phantom pain is experienced for more than 6 months, it is likely that it will not improve.

Heterotopic ossification is another repercussion of suffering an amputation and it is most common among those who suffered a head injury simultaneous with the limb amputation injury.  Soldiers often experience this side effect.  Heterotopic ossification is when the brain signals the bone to grow instead of scar tissue to form, and nodules and other growth can interfere with a prosthetic and sometimes require further operations.

The recovery process for a traumatic amputation injury is long.  An amputee must exercise to improve muscle strength and control, and do activities to help restore the ability to carry out daily physical necessities.  An amputee must also learn how to use artificial limbs and assisting devices.  While many amputees have regained autonomy, some amputees must adjust to the fact that they will never be completely independent again.  Therefore, emotional support, including counseling, is sometimes prescribed after the surgery.


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Philadelphia Amputation Attorney John Fox

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